Plan With Me: November 2020

N Is For Notoriety

Take a moment and ponder this question – when you pass away, how do you want to be remembered? We recently lost a family member who died at the age of 85. He was married and had six children which in of itself was quite an accomplishment.

Group Discussion – Do’s and Don’ts

These days we see that many companies and institute are taking group discussion performance of a candidate as one of the criteria for screening the candidate for the next round. Making an impression in an interview, in a meeting, in a presentation and many more areas is a necessity. This is making it all the more important to be aware of the tips of handling a group discussion and to be able to do well in it.

Begin Developing Inner Strength Through The Power Of Self-Trust

Certainly life seems to be a struggle when there is lack of trust in oneself. But things seem to get better and remain better when you trust in oneself begins developing inner strength. No one needs to search for perfection to be more comfortable in life, just do what you truly feel, and begin living life on your own terms. Discovering where your strength comes from means you now know that the Holy Spirit-your inner divine Guide, yes, a spirit Guide, if you will, always sides with it. This adds strength. But if you avoid His Guidance, you’ll only be asking for weakness.

The Healing Self On The Way To Achieving Your Dreams

Are the ways to achieve your dreams brought forward in you through self-healing? This idea of healing must be understood, and it can be easy and pleasurable, just like for those who reach their dreams. So if attaining what you truly want in life has been a struggle, consider the self-healing I’m talking about. If you will accept that the Holy Spirit-your inner divine Guide will direct you to the ways to achieve your dreams, as He did there with me during those tough long years in prison, you can realize it in a way so as to avoid pain.

Taking Charge Of Your Life – Becoming A Better You By Understanding Cause and Effect

To take charge of your life make a decision each night at bed time: Each night when you go to bed, you can either ask yourself, “I wonder what tomorrow will bring to me,” or you can choose to think and say, “What kind of day will I give myself tomorrow?” The choice is yours for becoming a better you. How do you live your life? It is the rare individual who always lives his or her life based on cause; but what I mean is way too many of us live a much of our lives based on effect-responding to the whims, desires or emotional states of others.

Message From the Universe: The Reality of Your Own Illusions

You have the right to think whatever you want so do whatever it takes to think positively. You have that power, so take advantage of it. Do not worry about anything, as long as you are safe and ready to take action. So much to learn so go discover. Do not be afraid as fear is just an illusion.

Personal Growth And Development Are Yours When You Make A Decision To Learn How To Become An Author

Many of you have kindly messaged me about how to be an author, and why I, so much later in life, chose this exciting path. I have discovered why authors down through the years have used writing as a type of personal transformation, or psychotherapy, or a therapeutic resolve for personal healing of the mind, body, and spirit. Once you begin healing the mind and spirit the brain and body follows along for the ride and works in harmony more readily. It certainly will promote personal growth and development while improving your over-all well-being and health as well as emotional ways for living life in this world.

Do You Know Your Limits?

Every person proudly possesses an identity. That identity is filled with knowledge, experience, information, trauma, etc. You use everything the identity possesses to accomplish things in life. However, to accomplish something we have never done, may require us to become someone we have never been. In those cases, our identity may be obsolete. There lies the dilemma of mankind. Can we let go of who we have always been to become someone we have never been? This article explores that possibility.

Why Is Change So Difficult for Some and Easier for Others?

Do you have difficulty managing change? Coping with change is a challenge for many people, see if this article hits a note with you.

Learning To Unleash Your Full Potential By Living In The Present Moment

A great self-help tip is to not spend too much of your time watching television. Watching too much television may lend a complacent lifestyle which isn’t in the best interest of your over all well-being. A great way to help one’s mood is to live in the present moment or commonly known as the “here and now.” The idea resembles what A Course in Miracles terms the “Holy Instant”. If you live in the present moment, you can not ever possibly be in pain, because to know pain there has to be a past to regret and a future to fear.

Soft Skills Are Responsible For Crushing Many People’s Dreams

Soft skills are responsible for crushed many people’s dreams. Many inventors, technocrats, business owners, new hires, supervisors, and managers from diverse industries over depend on their expertise. Accordingly, they neglect to develop their soft skills proactively and in turn pay dire prices individually and cause havoc in their organizations. In our history, we’ve witnessed many technically genius individuals struggling to succeed because of lack of some essential soft skills. Common complaints such as high turnover, conflict, lack of synergy, and low levels of productivity in many of today’s organizations come down to lack of certain soft skills. This article provides you some data and stories to show you how the lion’s share of success comes from well-developed soft skills.

M Is For Movement

I was listening to the John Tesh radio show and he mentioned that to be more productive you must follow the 50-10 principle; 50 minutes doing your work and 10 minutes spent on mindless activity. By allowing your mind to wander for 10 minutes, you will actually be more focused after than if you worked for an entire hour. In other words, the more energized you are, the more creative and productive you will be too.

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