Plan With Me: May 2021

Be the Landlord of Your Beliefs

This article explores the idea that beliefs should serve us, and not the other way around. Take charge of your beliefs and actively choose whether they continue to reside or evict them from your life.

Climbing a Mountain: Why Many Fall, Others Get Stuck and Only a Few Reach the Top!

There are 3 different types of people in this world. What I would like you to do while reading this is think about people in your life, whether they be friends, family members, co-workers, etc., and see which category the people closest to you fall in to. Why should you do this? Because it may have you second guessing the people who frequent your life day in and day out and who you should be spending your time with. As a personal trainer I hear story after story from my clients. I know some of their life’s inside and out. I try never to pass judgement, always give an unbiased opinion when asked a question and most importantly just try to listen to them. I’ve learned that you

Need A Get-Away?

You can remove yourself physically from a situation, but does distance always make your thoughts turn off, give your body strength, or heal your heart? I don’t think so.

Who Has To Change?

Every individual is born with a basic nature. It may be scientific, socialistic, spiritual or any other. All have a distinctly different nature at the time of their birth. Like, a child born in a business class family may not essentially be interested in business rather according to his in-born nature, his interest may be more into socializing. This is mainly due to his nature which he has inherited from the previous life. Thus, on getting an opportunity he would prefer to be a social activist rather than engaging self in the routine business activities.

6 Tips for Writing and Publishing Your Memoirs

Here are some tips for those who want to tell their story by writing their own memoir and resources for publishing them when you are done. Memoir writing can be a difficult but rewarding tasks. Use this guide to help you.

I Am What I Am

I can’t hear those words without thinking about the old Popeye cartoons, or the Robin Williams version from the big screen. I am what I am, as a result of the thoughts, feelings and actions I’ve had so far in my life. I also believe we come into this world with a specific purpose that plays a huge role in differentiating us from each other. In the past few years I certainly feel I’ve gotten closer to re-discovering what that purpose is. For the first 30+ years of my life, I think I was living up to expectations. I was raised to have great manners, respect my elders, be respectful, be seen – not heard, and a number of other beliefs that my parents instilled in me. Most of those, I most grateful to have learned and adopted. Sometimes though, I wonder how my life would be different if I wasn’t discouraged from speaking up when I had a question, or wanted to voice my opinion.

Unmet Expectations

I think I’ll go on a bit of a rant today. Over the past number of years I have invested in countless programs, products, coaching services and mentoring programs. And while I don’t think any of them were a waste of money, or mistake – I have yet to find one that fully delivered what it promised or implied the end result would be. In the last few months I’ve started to question whether these unmet expectations are the result of ME being the common denominator. I’m a firm believer that everything is energy and that we attract to us, what we vibrate within us. Lately my unintended focus has been on lack and scarcity, and guess what – that’s what I’ve been attracting.

Life Lessons to Live By

In my path of personal discovery over the past few years, it has become apparent to me that many of my beliefs were formed at a young age – likely before I was 10. There have been a number of studies that have concluded that our beliefs are formed when we’re young, when our subconscious mind is taking everything in before our conscious mind has developed and we begin to question things. So many of the life lessons that we pick up in our formative years stick with us our entire lives, even when they don’t serve us.

Rules to a Happy Student Life

Students in the current technological world get easily diverted from their path towards success, due to an ample and endless number of distractions created by peer pressure, stress, tension and so on. But if someone follows the rules and guidelines mentioned below, one can achieve as much success as he desires.

Causes of Senior Moments

Many people, including senior citizens, experience temporary memory lapses due to stress, illness, distractions, etc. While it’s good to reduce the things that cause these annoying lapses, the author looks says having them reminds us to slow down and reduce information overload.

Change: Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Change is never easy, especially for senior citizens. Antonia shares her experience for making change as painless as possible.

You Will Struggle No Matter What

Getting to where you are going, your dream life or attaining your goals is going to be hard sometimes. Maybe a lot. Struggles WILL be a part of it. Learn how that’s not a bad thing.

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