Plan With Me: June 2021

The Good Steward: Timeless Principles Of Living A Happy Life

This universe is governed by laws. There are Physical laws as well as spiritual laws. The laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, economics, thermodynamics and etc. There are also laws of health to keep us in optimum health and for longevity. There are also spiritual laws that govern the spiritual aspects of life. The Creator of the universe intelligently designed nature and put in place such laws to govern its functions.This article discusses the timeless principles (laws) put in place to achieve total well being and generally living a happy and stress free life.

Man Fears Woman – Yin Vs Yang

As I recover from my stroke that I had in June 2011, I have been pondering about “why did this happen?” This is an expression of the answer to my question, not from the victim’s perspective of “why me?” but from a karmic viewpoint. It has to do with the feminine versus the masculine principles, as we all have both in us. I hope you will find enlightening as it relates to you as the feminine principle of the world.

Healing the Past Is Vital to a Successful Future

It is safe to say that everyone has a past and in that past are most likely painful memories, disappointments and frustrations. This journey of life is not guaranteed to be a bed of roses, as everyone goes through painful times. Many people cope with the negative emotions fine, but there are many that don’t cope in a positive way.

What Self-Reliance Really Means and How One Achieves It

Self-reliance means something and the main question that a description of self-reliance must address is on whom or on what is a person NOT reliant? Well, reliance is a type of dependency and to achieve self-reliance means that one is dependent for his or her own needs and wants on oneself and not others. Furthermore, reliance comes from the word “rely,” which refers to trustworthiness and possessing honor. Self-reliance applies to the life of an individual on a deserted island as much as to the individual in society.

How to Get Inner Alignment to Support Change

Do you feel a push-pull between the resistance to change and the desire for a fresh start in a new direction? You’re in good company because our brains are wired to maintain the status quo. Our brain and ego instinctively react to anything new as a potential threat. If you get curious about your resistance to change rather than judging it, you will uncover several parts of your psyche that each serve a protective function. As you appreciate what these subpersonalities are trying to do for you, there’s an opportunity to help them find more productive strategies that support you as a capable adult — rather than the 3-year-old you were when they were formed. Only then can you be free to step up fully to make the difference you are meant to make.

How Sexual Abuse Survivors Can Find Their Authentic Voice

One of the hardest things a survivor of sexual abuse, rape and incest has to learn to do is find her authentic voice. Often the perpetrator shifts the blame to the victim in order to silence her.

Caring About What We Know

We don’t always do what we know we should, and sometimes we do things we know we should not. Often that is because we don’t care enough. To really change out lives, we must involve some emotion.

Possessed by the Demons?

We humans are strongly driven by fear of looking bad in others eyes. That’s why when we do something wrong by mistake, we try to cover up. What is a cover up?

Have I Known It Ahead of Time, I Wouldn’t Even Begun Going Out With Him

You might have heard the following from your friend: “Have I known it ahead of time, I wouldn’t even begun going out with him”. The question is: was it possible for her to know it ahead of time? Often yes. So then, why did she ignore signs and hints? And why does it happen to her time and again?

Dealing With Difficult People: To Love or Not To Love Part 2

So how do you go about dealing with difficult people through love? I got a glimpse of it last week at this month’s consulting group meeting. I had the privilege of speaking to women from all walks of life. Here’s what I observed…

Lessons From the Birth of the Butterfly and the Zen Farmer

Many people have found that their greatest success was gained when they were hanging on by a thread and close to failure. At other times, what appears to be a set back is only temporary and in hindsight was a blessing in helping us live our life purpose.

Happiness and Your C Game

In business, as in life, sport and other pursuits, you can find yourself playing your A, B or C game at various times. You can also find yourself happier at certain times than at others. This is natural since we are human beings and not machines.

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