Plan With Me: July + 2021 Mid-Year Review

Invest Into Building Your Strength of Character

Life truly is a magnificent journey filled with meaning and fulfilment, when you strive to build great strength of character, always choose to reflect a positive attitude to everyone in your environment, operate from the high ground of good values and you choose to be passionate about the things that matter in your life. This choice of philosophy will empower you to make more informed decisions and choices throughout your life.

Noticing How Much Don’t We See?

When your soul incarnated, it chose a particular genetic code as well as an environment to grow in. In this case it is you. What you go through in your life matches with memories that need to be transmuted through this lifetime’s experience. That’s why you’re here. Most of the time the experience is painful but it does have to happen. There is however a way to accelerate your soul through it.

Self-Growth Happens Between Letting Go and Moving On

In the Jewish tradition, the New Year is received with a time of introspection and reflection to take stock of the previous year before moving into the new one. I like the idea of reviewing and revisiting life to let go of what no longer serves us-no matter what time of the year. What objects, relationships, jobs, situations, routines, or beliefs do you need to let go of right now?

By Motivation We Can Learn to Win Friends and Influence People

This true story is about how to expand your comfort zone, by being willing to step into your learning zone, and at the same time positively impact your own life. If you are learning, you are growing. If you always do the same thing, you can only expect the same thing. This is not conducive with being the best you can be. Motivating, and enrolling, another person into aligning with you will move you and the other person/s to a positive result and we all enjoyed the experience. How do we motivate people? Encouraging people, they love it; it’s like a shot in the arm.

Remedying of Self-Sabotage

Human life is an interactive phenomenon. We interact with family members, neighbors, friends, colleagues, clients, and government functionaries. We love / hate persons, ideals, and causes. We achieve life targets painfully. Self sabotage means destroying life achievements on account of negative mindset/vicious behavior. It is disastrous impediment on self-improvement. The article suggests a few remedial measures against self-sabotage.

What’s Next? How to Overcome Adversity and Recognize the GIFT

Learn how to shift your thinking from, “Why me?” to “What’s Next?” Namely, shift from victim-thinking to empowered-thinking!

How Common Is Self Harm?

Shockingly, 2% to 6% of the general public had engaged in self-harm at least once in their lifetime. Where the peak of self harm actions are among students, ages 16 – 22, see falls in 13% to 35%. For most, the problem will resolve before adulthood but sadly, 10% of the remaining still continues to self harm throughout their adult lives.

How to Become Socially Calibrated

The results you get with people and the awesomeness of your social life are to a large extent a result of your ability to calibrate socially. This is why developing your social calibration is one of the most beneficial personal development steps you could ever make.

Should I Quit My Job?

Seth Godin stated it finest in his best-selling book, The Dip, by proclaiming that should you be within a dead-end job, you ought to quit now and find something that will give you progress. The question is, what exactly is a dead end job? Mr. Godin identifies it as being a position that you can serve countless hours that are in the day, as hard as you can, and you will never grow within the company. Many types of organizations attain this sort of framework.

Living A Feng Shui Life – Seek Your Balance

Growing personally involves the balance of your relationships with Mother Earth, animals, nature and the environment. One person’s thought process will make a difference for every thing in the universe. A balance starts with a positive thought rather than a negative one followed by positive actions with Feng Shui principles.

Mastering Your Mental Dialogue

How active is the voice in your head? This is the voice that you tend to think of as ‘you’.

The Answer To Your Financial Problems Are In Your Dreams

Many of our dreams tackle the pressing issues that occupy our waking minds, and money, career and financial security are often at the forefront of our thoughts even during good times. If we pay attention to our nocturnal advisors, they’ll help us through the rough spots; provide us with solutions to our problems; advise us on our investments and careers; and on rare occasions give us those winning lottery numbers.

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