Plan With Me: January 2022

15 Personal Tips To Improve Your Life

Get up early in the morning before sunrise, it will keep’s you strong and good. And take a decision that “I am going to make this day useful and happy.

Avoiding Negative People on the Road to Success

While you travel on the often long, bumpy road to success, you will meet many people along the way. Some will be quite positive, while others will provide an enormous amount of negativity that will serve as speed bumps if you let them. The key to this is… if you let them.

The Consequences of Negative Thinking

Every component of your life – good or bad – is a result of your thoughts. However, there are three main areas that are severely affected by negative thoughts – health, finances and relationships. The consequences are not pretty. The good news is, you have control!

How to Get Confidence – 5 Tips

Your level of Confidence can change your whole life, it will also change those around you, your world will be a better place! Get confident now, discover how. So how to get confident, do you need to have more confidence?

‘Be Yourself’ OR Have the Life of Your Dreams

“Be yourself” is a catch phrase I’ve heard so much of. Products use it in advertising.

Hypnotic Placebo Power – How The Placebo Effect Can Help You

Recent research and real-world examples reveal the significant benefits of hypnosis and the power of placebo. A “placebo” has commonly been referred to as a “sugar pill” or “fake treatment” offered to a control group tested against others who receive actual “medication”. The power of the placebo or the curative ability of the mind to heal the body is significant. Often the results are nearly identical to the group receiving the drug and mounting research continually reveals even more extraordinary details that should thrill us all regarding our own ability to heal ourselves.

Nope – Life Ain’t Fair

I was taught that life was fair. You got as good as you gave. Honesty was repaid in kind. And hard work always saw genuine results that were of equal reward.

Are You Indigo?

I’ve had a lot of comments on my blog from people who found my insights on the indigo breed useful. “Indigo” refers to indigo children as well as adult indigos, and describes a specific personality, constitution, and perhaps even vibration.

What Is Speed Learning?

Is speed learning synonymous to speed reading? Some say it is but what I think it depends on the interpretation of the person reading the phrase.

Selfish Vs Not Selfish

Do you ever wonder if it’s better be selfish, or if it is better to not be selfish? I find people who are doing what they want to do, but are feeling that what they are doing might be selfish all the time. Or people are not being selfish and are still not feeling satisfied because they are not getting what they really want.

How Accelerated Learning Help Us in Our Daily Activities

You may ask, what is accelerated learning? And I’m telling you you’re already using this tool and the techniques this tool is teaching us.

Success Step by Step

Success does not happen in one day. Do you have goals that you have failed to reach? Then I would ask you if there is someone else that has set your goals, a basic prerequisite to achieve these goals is that they come from your heart.

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