Plan With Me: January 2021

The Difference Between The Old And The New Generation

It is pretty clear that there is a difference between the old and the new generation. Everyone has their own view which changes radically from one generation to another. Some changes actually help us move forward while others make our world regress by their impact. So what is happening?

Begin Manifesting Abundance In Your Life By The Secret Of Wealth Attraction

There is a science for how to attract wealth and to manifesting financial security. When you comprehend that core of financial security at its finer subatomic level you will understand that you are never poor, but always capable of the secret of wealth attraction. It does not always take finances to align with the laws of prosperity. But more importantly it’s how you arrange your beliefs, thoughts and perceptions. The Course in Miracles teaches that, “It is not until beliefs are fixed that perceptions stabilize.”

Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistake

When you value the fact that your best teacher is your last mistake, you come to realize that you are only human. And even if you have your fair share of problems, you can recognize that everyone makes mistakes in life. There are no exceptions to the rule, but why is an error our finest tutor?

When You Feel Life Is Not Worth Living, Why You Should Never Give Up In Life

The thought of never give up hope was hard to hang onto as I resided in the county jail for two months, due to my inability to find bail money. All I could think about in my scarcity mindset, was life is not worth living. This is where I would remain until being bussed off to prison. I had already been escorted on at least a dozen round trips to the courthouse for various hearings-not a very lovely trip at all, being bound by shackles, a belly chain, and handcuffs, along with a van full of others. You would think they were holding me for murder or some other type of severe offense.

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Minimalist Lifestyle

There are extremely rewarding outcomes to experience when one finally decides to live minimally. This article sets out to explain the concept of minimalism and to encourage the reader to consider adopting a minimalist lifestyle. The focus is on five top benefits of minimalism.

Find Out Why You Are So Afraid Of Making Mistakes Today

Many of us stop learning once we get to a certain age and the truth behind this is that we get comfortable doing our jobs and we don’t want to make mistakes. Learning means making mistakes and somehow we are taught that this is bad and to be avoided at all costs.

Stop Telling Yourself That You Can’t Do It And Figure Out The Way It Can Be Done

The approval you seek is not out there. You are the only one that needs to accept yourself exactly as you are. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do something and take steps towards figuring out the way it can be done.

How To Live A Better Life By Aligning Yourself With The Law Of Attraction

When it concerns making crucial decisions for a better life with the universe’s power of attraction you will have to be exceptionally careful. You will observe that your thoughts and ideas may become cloudy because of the manner in which you are approaching the decisions. But you will likewise, for a better life find that there is a lot of strength and power to be acquired from the power of attraction. The law of attraction will allow you to decide exactly how to live a better life and what you want out of life and begin going for it.

Expectation Is a Slippery Slope

Many schools of thought these days recommend releasing expectation, and thereby freeing ourselves. As most of us know, this is easier said than done. Personally, I think that expectation is the cause of much of the misery in the world today.

If You Think You Are Superior To Others Or Inferior To Others, Either Way You Have A Problem

Feeling inferior to others means that you don’t feel good enough to be with them. When you feel superior to others you are in effect telling them that you are too good to be with them. Either way, being too good or not good enough, you have unresolved issues within you.

At What Point Did You Decide That You Aren’t Good Enough?

Somewhere along the line, we make decisions about ourselves. About who we are and our place in the world. It is time to look at these beliefs about who we are and really take the time to understand how many of them are actually true.

Why You Need to Quit

You might have read articles and essays about why you should not quit or leave your present job, but this one’s the contrary. Today, I will tell you why you need to quit your current job.

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