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Getting Unstuck From Running in Place

Do you feel like you are running the race but even with all of your effort you are just running in place? Some of you may even feel like you are losing ground. All of the statistics we hear on the news say that the majority of Americans are barely hanging on. This isn’t where I want to be and I bet it is not where you want to be. They are even saying that the upcoming generation is the first generation that cannot count on having it as good as or better than their parents. That is a scary thought.

Imprinting Patterns of Success

Everyone wants to be successful and we all have the capacity to be successful at something. What have you been successful at in your life? You were born with certain capabilities that led to your successes but it is how you used your brain that really captured your success. As you moved through life you kept being successful at similar things and in turn how you achieved your successes was imprinted in your brain. You had a pattern you followed each time and that pattern became ingrained through neural pathways in your brain. Those pathways are there for you to use over and over to achieve similar successes in the future.

Getting Unstuck From Regret

Do you have regrets in your life? What is it that you regret? How is your regret affecting how you live your life? Is it getting in your way? Is it keeping you from moving forward? Is it keeping you stuck in a cycle of feeling bad and beating yourself up over it? We all have done things in our lives that we wish we had not done. We have hurt people, we have done bad things, we have crushed hopes and broken hearts. Some of our actions were intentional and some were unintentional. Most of the time we can forgive ourselves, make amends and move on. But what do we do when we can’t?

Take Time to Be Great

All of us have greatness within us. We were each given certain gifts in the way of abilities, knowledge, experiences and capabilities. Each of us has something great to offer the world. When we are not operating out of our greatness it is often a matter of just not taking the time to tap into it. If your greatness is illusive or lying dormant now is the time to get in touch with it and awaken its power. It doesn’t go away – it is there waiting for you to acknowledge it and to leverage it for your good and for the good of others.

Counting Your Blessings Could Change Your Life!

If you are struggling in your life and someone say’s you should count your blessings, it sounds a little trite don’t you think? But you see it is a sure-fire way to raise your energy vibration and attract good things into your life. Be grateful and get your self out of the doldrums!

From Puppet to Partner, The Most Important Paradigm Shift You Can Make

Always paradigms have application, or use, or relevance on a number of different areas of your lives. A paradigm is deeper than a circumstance in other words. A paradigm is also deeper than an issue. A paradigm is how you interpret your circumstances, and make sense of your issues. And so while we recognise and respect that the activity, the churning, the issues, the events that occur in the circumstance of your lives are important, and worth sharing, expressing, and learning from, we must also say that without shifting on the level of paradigm, no real change ever occurs in the circumstances.

The Power of a Good Lipstick

Mary Anne was a beautiful, vibrant 63 year old woman who I had the gift of being with during her journey with breast cancer. I was her nurse in the intensive care unit as she went through battles with infections and other complications. Mary Anne and I spent many hours talking about life, death and lipstick.

How Can I Increase Concentration? The Benefits of FOCUS

Your schedule is full and yet you never seem to get anything done. You see other people who seem to be able to do much more than you and you wonder how. It also make you feel disappointed and even ashamed that you always seem busy yet nothing gets done.

The Gratitude Article (What To Do When You Are Down)

Be thankful that you are alive. Every minute you have alive is more chances, even if it does not seem to be such a chance. All you have to do is look and make your opportunity.

What Will It Take to Get What You Want?

Do you know some of the reasons why you might not be getting what you want? I’m not just talking about material things. You may want a better relationship with your spouse, significant other, maybe your kids, your parents, or some of your friends. You may even want to have a better relationship with yourself so you can do some of the things you put on hold for a later date. How about better relationships with the people at your job or possibly to grow your business?

What Goes Around Comes Around! You Get What You Give!

Do you believe the words in the title, what goes around comes around? If only more people really got this they would put an end to their problems.

Does Your Closet Include Courage?

When you look at your closet what do you see? A few suits, some pretty dresses, a couple of tops…but what about courage? You may not realize it but your clothing holds the power to give you that which you think you lack.

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