Plan With Me: August 2021 (exciting life update!)

Six Ways To Stop Resistance Kicking Your Butt

Resistance invisibly thrives when self-sabotage, self-doubt, low confidence, procrastination, and fear takes hold. The more important your call to action, the greater the sense of resistance you’ll feel.

Vibrant Birth, Vibrant Life – The Womb Experience

What happens in the womb during gestation is still not fully understood. It can even determine how some children can handle pain and others find it more difficult.

You Only Have One Reputation

We often hear about individuals who inherited large fortunes from their parents or relatives. While inheriting money is often an added bonus, without a doubt, the most important thing any parent can hand down to a child is their good name. One’s good name, or reputation, should be cherished, because it takes what seems like an eternity to earn a good reputation, while it often takes only one error in judgment or misbehavior to malign one’s name forever.

Is Your Procrastination Causing You Trouble?

Are you always late to submit your paper work? Do you have difficulty sticking to a schedule? Read on how to beat procrastination.

Virtually Keeping Friendships

How often do you keep in touch with your friends? For me its ‘different strokes for different folk’ – for some it’s a personal visit, a phone call, text or email and others social media. Thinking back 10 years ago we’ve advanced so quickly I can’t imagine where we’ll be in another 10 years – I’m wondering about holograms – will we even need to leave our house?

Finding Your Unique Strengths, Gifts and Talents

Discovering your strengths and talents is like first building the basement for your house. It is your foundation. It is the soil from which a strong and beautiful tree can grow. It provides you with your unique potential. A unique gift came with you when you were born. You need to nourish it until it is strong enough to guide you in your life.

How Your Facial Features Can Predict Your Future

Your facial features can tell you the important lessons you’ve learned in the past, what you should be working on now and what to expect in the future. Knowing what your face reveals can help you honor where you’ve been and plan for an easier future!

Six Ways to Improve Your Day

Everybody has bad days sometimes. Whether your problems stem from your family, your work, your health, or any of the other myriad things that can go wrong in life, everyone knows what it feels like to have a truly awful day.

5 Ways to Live By The Golden Rule

When undesirable circumstances find their way into your life, finding the balance and self control and poise to deal with them can be difficult. Here are five key things to do to control your behavior when someone or something is bothering you. When all else fails, you can always forgive and forget.

Its Your Success, Everyone Else Can Get Lost

Its your success everyone else can get lost Turn off That Television!!!!!!! Now were getting serious:ย  You always gets more of what youย focusย on!!

8 Tips to Help You Become a More Effective Decision Maker

How do you make decisions? And how do you know when you make a decision, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the decision you made is the right one? While we can’t always know with complete certainty the consequences of each alternative of a decision might be, there are steps you can begin to take right now to become a more confident and effective decision maker.

Fear Is Neither Good Nor Bad

Fear is a terrible reason to either do or not do any given thing. Here is a method to deal with fear so that we can act or not act based on intelligence rather than on fear.

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