Plan With Me: April 2021

The Anti-Marriage Manifesto

This Manifesto is short and sweet. It discusses why we should not waste time with marriage. The reasons range from personal to financial and even touch on politics.

Rediscover Your Purpose

Most people go through life without know their purpose. Knowing their purpose in life has help and spurred many individuals to success. Most of us would have some sort of dream while we were growing up. And yet, most of us would lose sight of that dream and that feeling of purpose after we grow up.

Life Doesn’t Come Cheap – Three Keys to Dealing With Your Life Successfully

Life doesn’t come cheap, you have to work at it. It requires courage, willpower, and determination to pull through. The beautiful thing is you already have these things inside of you. You just have to let them shine. Sometimes life pulls a fast one and pulls you down, and then you start thinking the worst. This can be brought on by a painful question, a rough situation at home or at work, an illness that you were just diagnosed with or having been living with your entire life.

3 Steps to Create Instant Confidence

Creating confidence means having the courage to behave in a calm, centered, cool way and glide towards a goal or an action with a sense of purpose, feeling you are worth it. You may be a President or a Student; your life improves radically in every area when you boost your confidence. Becoming empowered comes from you remembering every day to believe in yourself.

Positive Personality: Strengthening Good Personality Traits – 5 Great Tips!

Having a magnetic personality can help in every single person’s life and every area. When you have a great personality, you become more influential. People want to be around you more, value what you say, and overall, your quality of life increases dramatically. Below are 5 tips I have found that will help develop a great personality, or as I call it a “Positive Personality”.

Live Your Meaning in Life Well

Your meaning in life is unique, and its important that you live it well! Finding out what your meaning of life is does not happen easily for all people, but it can be made easier with good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and performance. This may sound like a lot, and it is for some people, but it is well worth the effort. I can share a lot with you to make this process faster, more enjoyable and easier every step of the way!

How To Know You’re Doing Your BEST?

How often have you personally said, or heard others proclaim that they were trying their hardest or doing their BEST? Yet, how can we personally give ourselves, on an individual basis, the necessary checkup from the neck up, that will permit us to be truly objectively introspective enough to realistically examine either our personal performance, or even measure our level of effort? No one can ever achieve to his personal optimal performance, unless he both knows, as well as understands, what he needs to do, to transform mere effort to his actual BEST!

3 Powerful Tips to Living a Joyful Life

When we are compassionate and curious toward ourselves we connect to our natural state of being which is joy. Our Authentic Self is our True Self and joy is the natural state of being. Our Conditioned Self is our False Self and fear is the state that we live from. When we are in a state of fear it is nearly impossible to move into compassion and curiosity with ourselves, therefore we become disconnected from joy in our lives. Learn 3 powerful tips to live with more joy in your life on a regular daily basis.

Overcoming the Fear of Moving Toward Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire

The spiritual purpose of the world’s political and economic crisis is a signal that it is time for humans to evolve and begin to directly manifest our needs and desires through our mental power, cooperation with the Earth, and the energy of higher dimensions. We are made of elements of the Earth. When we do energy work, it is important not just to draw down energy from higher dimensions, but to deposit that pure loving energy into the Earth.

Create Positive Change by Doing 6 Simple Things

There are easy things you can do to create more happiness, health and success in every part of your life! This article details 6 things you can do to start making positive changes.

Living Your Own Myth

Learning to believe and have faith that our own personal myth is the most significant legend to unfold will be absolutely integral to shaping the world around us and critical for creating the vision we have for the future of mankind. If we take the time to simply rewind and consider how our story has unfolded until this very moment we will see that in each of us, there have been herculean tons of struggle, an amazing measure of synchronicity that produced results beyond our imagination, overwhelming supply of compassion and an awe inspiring amount of love.

The Unbreakable Laws of the Universe

To live a harmonious life, you must not only abide by the laws of your country, but also by the natural Laws of the Universe. If we transgress, there will be consequences. Like any country, the universe is also governed by certain laws. We refer to these as Universal Laws or Laws of Nature, ‘whose content is set by nature and is therefore universal’. The Law of Gravity is an example of a Universal Law. So is the Law of Conservation of Energy, that is, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another. However, unlike human laws, which can vary from country to country, Universal Laws are consistent and unchanging. You interact with these laws with every breath you take. They govern your existence.

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