Overthinking? Try this 10 Minute Guided Meditation

Managing Your Emotional Energy

One year a friend of mine was taking care of her mom who had breast cancer. She was also working on an advanced degree. She was barely able to hold her life together. If someone asked one more thing of her she would have dissolved into a puddle. She had no more emotional energy or resources to handle one more thing.

Understanding Codependent Relationships

Codependent relationships are an unhealthy type of relationships that are typically doomed to failure. Learn what it means to be codependent and what steps you can take to overcome this destructive pattern.

The Richness of Staying In the Moment

Have you noticed during the day when things are going right and you’re feeling happy and all of a sudden something happens? You don’t know what happened; you only know that now you’re sad, and possibly angry and disappointed.

Lower Your Armour, Heal Your Wounds, Shine Your Light

Each of us is a spiritual being with the potential of light within that could captivate the entire world. But our armoured self and wounded self gates must first be opened. So, lower your armour, heal your wounds and shine your light!

Social Psychology – New Aspects

Social Psychology is a discipline of the border. It claimed their territory at the intersection of psychology with sociology, which is taking office in general psychology and what is psychological sociology. It articulates, among them, the two disciplines.

Upsets Are Not Caused by What Happens – Releasing An Upset Restores Your Effectiveness

When you are upset, you lose your ability to see clearly and almost always make your situation worse. Fortunately, upsets can be released and your effectiveness restored.

Why Certain Areas of Life Don’t Work and How to Have These Areas Clear Up

If you have a relationship or any area of life that isn’t working, there will always be an underlying condition of resisting or hanging on that is creating the problem. It destroys your ability to find solutions and forces you to act in a way that magnifies the problem.

Are You Lacking Confidence and Self Assurance?

Why do some people have confidence and self assurance whilst others lack these positive traits? Our ability to interact with others in the community comes down to our self belief. Each of us has traveled a different journey in life – different parents, different teachers, different peers, and different life experiences with people.

Hasten The Change to the Confident YOU – Use A Visual Simulator!

How can we hasten the change in our beliefs in order to build our confidence and self esteem? All our beliefs have been developed gradually over many years – therefore it will take time to develop new beliefs. However, we can hasten the emergence of the new YOU by using a Visual Simulator.

You Tried Positive Thinking – Doesn’t Work – Why?

Ok well nothing gets rammed down our throat more in the self-improvement industry than ‘Positive Thinking’. The thing is though, to just think positive thoughts, is not enough, that’s why it doesn’t work, it takes a little more than that!

Law of Attraction: The Secret Review

We have all heard about The Secret; the best selling book by Rhonda Byrne. Does the law of attraction work? Read this article now to find out.

The Positive Side to Stress

Stress can be either negative or positive. When we normally thing of stress we think of negative stress, but if harness the beneficial effect of positive stress we can better manage the negative.

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