Overthinking? Try This 10 Minute Guided Meditation

3 Ways to Maintain Your Values at Work

Some of the major challenges to living a principle centered life are found right in the work place. Whether we realize it or not we are challenged on a daily basis to make decisions that strike at the very core of our principles. Do we bow down to peer pressure? Do we go out after work when we know that we have other responsibilities? Do when take smoking breaks, even when we don’t smoke?

Develop Your Strengths

While our strengths important there is a danger that you’re not accurately aware of your strengths and talents. Often as people grow, they become experts in describing their own weaknesses and spend time trying to address these faults rather than building on their strengths.

Treatment Options For Those With a Fear of Flying

There are many different treatments that are used for people that have a flying phobia. Some people may only need reassurance and others may need more long term treatments. The treatment really is based on the fear and the extent to which it affects the person.

The Thirty-Year ‘Dead Zone’

There is no truly positive “norm” for the years post-sixty. You are told you look good “for your age” and it’s a good thing you “have your health.” As if everything goes into a meltdown once you cross the sixty-five year line. We are told that seventh-decade living is supposed to be made up of our “golden years.”

Five Conversation Killers

Here are five conversation killers that can really destroy a conversation. We’re all guilty of them from time to time because they’re very easy to do.

How Emotional Intelligence Was Discovered

The concept of emotional intelligence was brought to the public’s attention by accident. The discoverers were two university professors that serendipitously faced the problem of managing emotions. These were Peter Salovey, a psychologist at Yale University and expert in emotions, and John Mayer, a psychologist at the University of New Hampshire. Being collaborators in research projects related to emotions, intelligence and personality, the two were also friends.

Choosing To Create A Quiet Mind

Do you find that your mind is constantly wandering? Perhaps there are many things on your mind and it seems hard for you to focus? I find that the more I set out to accomplish in my life, the more I do, the more my mind tries to keep tabs on it all. I have found certain tools help me to create a quiet, focused mind.

Life is Like a Garden

Life is like a garden, and right now the one I have is flat, lacking in colour and uncaptivating to all the senses. The former owner told me he hated gardening, and decided to slab over three quarters of it.

Truth! Is it Universal?

Two universal truths only. Truth is a individual matter.

Fearless in Air

One of my dear friends, Kevin, visited me in New York. His daughter is Sally. Perhaps she is two years old. While playing with Sally, he would throw this little girl high in the air and then catch her. I was really frightened to see it because the floor below was made of marbles: what will happen if he missed catching her?!

Always Being Nice

Women tend to always do things they don’t want to do because they don’t want to seem unkind. They want to be labeled as being nice.

The Confidence to Let Go

It’s a challenge to really let go of our own private agendas. In working with clients, I often explore each opposite: “I want it my way” and “I let go”.

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