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The High Point

Action that comes through reasonable thought is the most powerful and high action in life and existence. If it was not, then inventiveness and creativity would have ended with the wheel, and improvements on lighting would have ended with the candle. We all now know that this is not so. This article gives an understanding of the whole what, where, why and how of genuine creativity.

Purpose: Why Is It So Hard To Find Our Purpose?

Ones purpose could be described as a combination of factors. With ones dreams, goals, intentions and behaviour all combining to express and fulfill this often elusive thing known as ‘purpose’. Some people say it is something we find and others see it as something that we create.

Change Your Life – The Power of Newness Is Always Available to You

Every day you can wake up and vow to be new, and to be different. You can choose new ways of being that are loving, powerful, and joyful. You can also choose to wake up and dwell on the past and worry about the future, and never create change.

How To Find Answers To All Your Questions About Love, Relationships, Happiness, Health or Wealth

Life is filled with questions and decisions that have to be dealt with every day. Many of these dilemmas can cause us stress, since it often seems as if the very direction of our lives depends on the choices we make. Have you ever thought about how much easier it would be if we had a direct link to God, to Infinite Intelligence, or to the Universe that would give us the chance to ask these troubling questions and immediately get the answers we need. What if I told you we can!

Discover Your Life Purpose and Re-Write A New Life-Story

Discovering our life purpose is one of the most important and rewarding experiences that life has to offer. The goals of happiness and success that once felt almost impossible to achieve will begin to unfold with very little effort.

The Breakup

Many adults reach their 40’s and 50’s and evaluate the progress of their lives measured against past dreams. It’s not uncommon to find that the idealism and bright dreams of your teens and 20’s have dissolved into the reality of life one-day-at-a-time involving a family, a job, a mortgage, a car payment and relationships that have up and down days.

Trauma – You Are NOT a Victim

There can be absolutely no denying the impact that trauma has on mental illness and substance abuse. In fact, I would guess that a significant number of readers of this very article, have been touched by some kind of trauma or another. In fact, I would be bold enough to day, that if you personally have not been touched by trauma, every one of us has some one close to us that has.

Simple Tips for A Rockin’ 2012!

Everyone sets a new year’s resolution or two, and chances are that they end up forgetting all about them in a few months. Is this you? If so, wouldn’t you want to stop this endless cycle of disappointment?

Compassion Comes From A Conscious Heart and Mind Connection

What is compassion? Compassion is the heart and mind getting connected to a higher self or a higher power in relation to the needs of others. Compassion increases anyone’s chances for success.

Anyone Can Live As Deliberately As Henry David Thoreau

This article questions how Thoreau was able to go to the woods and live deliberately. It helps people realize that they can stay where they are and live just as deliberately as Thoreau, and they can suck just as much marrow out of life.

Fear or Unfounded or Real Danger

Fear is a part of our existence. Our DNA is hard wired and our physical responses to real danger are instinctive. But fear is not danger but a mental perception of a possible danger.

Hope for Myself

I would love to share with the world what I feel from time to time as a person living in poverty. Each and every day there is a new obstacle to face, especially when it comes to paying bills. The feeling comes to each and everyone whom may have been down and out on a mental level,physically exhausted and just down right beaten down by life.

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