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Live Your Dream in 2012: Learn Five Tips to Change Your Life

The “New” Year is a great time to reflect on your life and decide what changes you would like to make in order to live it more fully. Take a moment and consider: What activities have you done in the past that brought you joy? What fills you with more passion and energy? What have you always dreamed of trying? Read this article and entertain new behaviors that will help you to connect more fully with your “dreams” and passions.

Brainwave Entrainment: Why It Really Works

I believe it works because there is physical evidence, if the brain is stimulated in a repetitive, rhythmic manner, that it will physically change growing new blood vessels and neural pathways, and you can see all of this on a brain scan. New brain pathways produce new states of consciousness. The brain physically changes with repeated stimulation. Brain wave entrainment is a repetitive, rhythmic stimulation deliberately introduced to the brain in specific wave patterns changing the state of consciousness, therefore, it too can change the brain by making new brain pathways.

Personal Development Strategies – How to Be More Sensitive to Others

When we talk about being more sensitive to others, we are talking about developing the skills of empathy and rapport. Empathy means ‘inner feeling’. Someone who is able to empathize is able to accurately tune-in to how another person is feeling. The ability to enjoy rapport – which might be summarized as active, engaged, supportive and purposeful relating – very much depends on the ability to establish empathy.

Live to Work, or Work to Live?

There is a key difference between working to live or living to work. This article is examining Gen Y to see how they achieve work-life balance.

Be On The Outside Who You Are Inside

Nowadays we live in a paradox: we are told to be ourselves, but on the other hand, we try to be or become like others, to copy those we look up to or the trendsetters in a particular field. In coaching, many professionals believe that if they copy those coaches who have already made it, they will make it as well. That may be a very safe way of doing things, but if you have already tried it, then you know by now that whichever strategy works for one coach, could turn into a complete fiasco for…

Magnificant Mistakes – How to Profit From Your Mistakes

The most successful people on earth have built a stairway to success with their mistakes. Winners, throughout history, have literally failed their way to triumph, by constantly learning from and profiting by their mistakes. And, you can too! This article paves the way.

Henry Mintzberg and Leadership Coaching: An Appreciation

Henry Mintzberg was one of the first people to study the day-to-day lives of managers and leaders. The critique he developed led him to decry much business education as aloof and academic. He became a strong advocate of the educational role of coaching based on the real experiences of managers. He concluded that this was the most effective and efficient way of developing business leaders.

Embracing The New Year

A New Year brings with it new opportunities. A New Day means that we can forget about yesterday and begin again. We are actually able to start all over, to fix what needs to be fixed, or solve what needs solving. And, if what we attempt to fix seems unfixable, we can determined to leave it behind and go at something else.

If You Believe Second Best Is Okay, Then Don’t Even Bother Trying

Not all have a gift of gab, but we can try to put our views across and not get sidelined in a conversation. We all get nervous in new surroundings or situations, which reflects in our voice and choice of words. This guide will help you to speak confidently and get control of the situation.

How and Why to Become a Better Listener

Learning how to become a better listener will serve you well in business, social situations, and life in general. Many people believe that listening skills are important mostly for the benefit of others.

People Pleasing

As the end of the year approaches, I am ready to shut the blog down until 2012 and get ready for a fun and exciting New Year. I am looking forward to making some changes to the format and hopefully reaching more readers.

Self-Knowledge Is The Key to Attaining More Love, Joy and Success in Your Life

In my 25 years experience as a psychologist and life coach, I have discovered three empowering principals that are key to lasting and enduring happiness regardless of your current challenges, life experiences, or ongoing circumstances. Everything in life matters – your health, wealth, successes, personal relationships. However, what matters most is first discovering the essence of who you really are. Self-knowledge is the seed from which everything else grows. With this background, let me now share the three empowering principals that are so important to living a happy, fulfilled life.

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