One Simple Mind Trick To Be Able To Break Any Bad Habits Instantly [MUST TRY!!]

Overcoming The “Battle Wounds” of Your Past – Part I

There are personality defects and character flaws that we all struggle with each and every day of our lives. These defects and flaws many times stem from traumatic relationships we have encountered in our past. I like to refer to them as “battle wounds”. Most of the time we do not seek professional help to learn how to deal and manage these battle wounds. Therefore, the side affects of these battle wounds inevitably are revealed through the way we communicate and manage our current relationships. We tend to react negatively before thinking of the best way to handle a current confrontation. You may find yourself lashing out, being angry, and going into fits of rage over small things. If this is you or you know someone like this, this article will help you begin to deal with the side affects of our battle wounds which I call emotional scars. The road to overcoming your battle wounds must begin today. However, you must want the change almost more than you need the change. This article will begin the process needed to help you overcome your “battle wounds”.

Secrets You Keep From Yourself

Take a moment to think about things no one else knows about you. Why are they secrets? Maybe you did something which you feel bad about. You might have done something illegal and would suffer the consequences if you were discovered.

To Xena or Not to Xena – Admiration and Empathy

I’ve been thinking lately about who I admire. Whenever I feel a bit nervous or exposed or intimidated I always think of Xena, Warrior Princess; she’s like my own inner persona to shield me from the world’s nasties and judgments! She’s worked great for me so far, especially with leaflet-thrusters in city centres. But recently I’ve been taking inspiration from a couple of amazing women around me who seem to have genuine – GENUINE – empathy and understanding for others; those who’s smiling face and encouraging nature put you at your ease. Does it really make a difference to me to walk slowly for a few feet because I’m behind a dawdler? Do I need to be so personally insulted because this guy has been standing in front of the exact part of the shelf where I need to look… for aaages?

Provehito In Altum

The night air slips into my lungs and it feels like one of my last breaths. The porch is silent except for the sounds that float from the shadows, and for once I am at a loss of words. It is a strange experience for me, for when I think back, there is so much to remember. But to put it into words? I do not know if I am able. I am not really a poet, and yet a poem is needed to fully express the way I feel now.

Do You Have Tucker Syndrome? Are You Afraid To Take Risks Even Though You Know The Way Is Clear?

The other day, in a discussion with my “Bonus Years” Support and Achievement Circle, one of the members told a story about her dog Tucker, a lovely Sheltie that has been her companion for many years. As it turns out, a part of the fence in the backyard that had kept Tucker in for many years had been taken down so the next-door neighbor could remove some trees. The gap in the fence really perplexed Tucker.

The Top 3 Things to Know Before You Turn 30!

Here are my TOP 3 things I want YOU to know before you turn 30, or 40, 50, or 60 for that matter. These are my keys to success to living your BEST life today, and making the most of where you are at right now. They aren’t flashy or grandiose but rather honest truth applicable to anyone who has a heart to grow and achieve your full potential.

A.M. Thinking

What you think about when you wake up can affect the rest of your day. Where your focus is, your emotions follow.

Hypnosis for Drama, Chaos and Other Stuff

We live in this hurry up, keep up world of drive through banking, drive through food where stress has become normal. We need ways to manage without the typical fight, flight or freeze responses which drain our ability to function at 100%.

5 Sure Ways To Attract More Money And Expand Your Financial Abundance

Wealth never happens by chance. It always begins with a clear goal in mind! Only when you are specific about how much wealth you want to create, then you will come with a practical plan to execute it. No matter where you are now financially, any target is possible as long as you use the right strategy. Below are some of the reasons why people fail financially.

Awakening Your Passion

Do you feel like you are not happy and content with the current life you doing? Do you wish you can be given a chance to start your Life all over again? Often times as people we have dreams growing up, we have aspirations of where we want to be in the future.

Why We Need Continuous Professional Development

The abbreviated title ‘CPD’ hardly sounds very attractive, does it? Add to that the time and effort required when you have many more important things to do and essentially CPD just gets in the way! Continuous Professional Development – who would give something that is fundamental to the survival of the species such an inept and irrelevant title? It sounds like something that has come straight from an academics handbook with no consideration whatsoever as to how important it is for the individual, their career or their business.

More Effective Communication Using Conscious Body Language

Practicing more effective communication becomes easier when you become aware of and use more conscious body language. If you also feel it is becoming more and more challenging to get people to listen and understand your message you are not alone. Herein lies a great opportunity! Start consciously practicing with the most powerful communication tool you have… Your body.

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