One Meditation that Could End All of the Chaos that’s Happening Around The World [Do This Now!]

What’s Truly Important? Follow Your Heart

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  This verse from Luke 12:34 keeps running through my mind as I think about why certain things have been important to me throughout my life.

Death of the Redheaded Stepchild

Have you heard the expression “beaten like a redheaded stepchild?” There should be no doubt this expression has a clear and strong derogatory meaning. The negative stepchild reference is based on the idea the stepchild tends to be treated poorly when compared to biological children. You would punish a stepchild more severely than your other children because you care more for your own child. Remember the story of Cinderella? But why red heads? Why not blondes, brunettes or considering today’s hairstyles pink or purple?

Emotional Awareness

Do you feel that you’re working harder and harder and yet you seem to make less progress? Does it ever feel as though no matter what you do you can’t seem to break out of the same patterns and you experience the same results over and over?

Gaining Perspective

I was at a recent local chapter coaching event where again I had reinforced for me the concept of “gaining perspective”. The session itself introduced to those present a coaching model that many of us had not seen before. It included seven different chairs, each with a label as to a role a coach might take on when working with and questioning their client.

Is The MAN-Ipulation Controlling You?

What brings you to your knees faster than anything else? What causes you to become putty, malleable and controllable? If you said SEX you would be very close.

How’s That Work’n For You?

As much as Dr. Phil uses this line, it really is the perfect question to ask in this situation. As men we tend to have a “Fight or Flight” response to many of our challenges, conflicts and pressures.

Self Employment – Is It Worth The Risk?

Making the move from a salaried job to self employment is something that you may have considered for years. Freedom, financial gain and a better lifestyle are the chief motivators that push many people into the very uncertain world of self employment. It is crucial that you understand fully what self employment will mean for you, before you take that first step.

Quality Control in Our Life

In this article I talk about the importance of working on ourselves to become better at all aspects of our life. A key component in that process is reading great literature.

Healing From Trauma and Abuse

Healing From Trauma is a process of releasing stored body memories and letting the brain Heal from the painful memories it stores. The brain and the body naturally want to heal, so the professional that helps needs to be trained to open the door for the clients somatic experience to be activated without reactivating the trauma.

Personal Accountability Essential for Advancement in Life

Most people view accountability as being answerable to someone for something. However, it is not about somebody holding you responsible. It is about you being accountable to yourself.

Through the Sky

Fighting or at least dealing with fear is an important challenge for most of us. Although a fear-flight response is part of the human defense system, it can also be a barrier to enjoying life. Most of us don’t have intensive fears, but some of us have free floating fear and anxiety, and phobia’s. Free floating anxiety is sometimes a symptom of an underlying mental problem, and phobia’s don’t seem to have any rational basis. I have endured a phobia of flying in an airplane, and am in the process of conquering this fear. I hope my experience can help others with fears that prevent them from leading a normal life.

Ways to Build a Satisfying Career

While career coaching can help you align your vision, values and skills with a satisfying career that can lead to a more fulfilling life, you can work on these issues yourself or with a therapist. Check out the following elements that lead to a more compelling career.

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