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Learning About Personal And Spiritual Growth

To be able to do better things and achieve more, we need to develop wholly. And one of the most neglected parts of our growth would be our personal and spiritual growth.

What Is The “Self”?

Sometimes in the more philosophical realm of the martial arts there is talk about the “Self”, some part of ourselves that goes deeper than just the social facade we might portray to the world or even to ourselves. I want to take a moment to get clear on what is meant by the “Self” so that it will be easier to understand and apply some of these teachings.

Developing Wisdom and Knowledge – Developing Key Traits

Wisdom and knowledge do not come just by cramming text books. Real knowledge and wisdom are learnt through life experiences, and these do not get erased from your memory with the passing years, they stay with you forever. You must remember that when it comes to wisdom and knowledge the quality is more important than the quantity.

Discover Creativity and Vision in Yourself – Lead With Your Vision

What makes a person successful is creativity and vision. That is what separates the immensely successful from the rest of the crowd. Effective leadership is based on creativity and vision.

It Takes Time

When we listen to other people’s problems, we have an opportunity to give the answers God wants us to give them. We can help them to make the right decisions. We can pray for and with them. We can remind them it takes time for the right answers to come and be there for them while they wait.

Being Who You Were Meant to Be

Self-awareness and self-acceptance are two critical pieces to becoming the person you were meant to be. This article provides an explanation of why this is important and how you might start today to make changes for tomorrow.

How to Be Assertive and Say “No” in Five Easy Steps

Many of us sometimes find it difficult to act assertively and say “no” to the requests and demands of others. There simply is not enough time each day for us to satisfy everyone and therefore we need to be able to say “no” in such a way so as not to hurt others. This is a valuable skill to learn.

To Hell And Back

Seems if there were such a place as Hell, I have visited many times. It sucked. The only heat there was the heat coming from the top of my head resulting from anger and frustration.

Personal Development and Empowerment

What is empowerment? What does it mean to be empowered? What does the process of personal empowerment involve? Personally what does empowerment mean to you?

Evolution Is A Natural Instinct

I have been thinking a lot about instincts and intuition (to me these are the same thing). If we travel back to our ancient ancestors, before our fears were handed down to us through conditioning from our parents, society, etc… instincts were something that came natural to ALL of us.

Loss Of Energy Due To Emotional Issues

Our energy levels change constantly, and they can be a reminder of how we are doing internally. If we look at how we feel and how much energy we have, it often correlates because how we are feeling or thinking about something can consume and also regulate the flow of energy that is available to us.

How to Grow As a Person – Exhibiting Self Discipline

Discipline implies a particular kind of training in self-control, orderliness, obedience, punctuality and co-operation. It leads us to do better in life and is indeed the hallmark of progress. The importance of discipline in all spheres of life, especially in collective work is undisputed.

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