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Etiquette and Mannerism

The French word etiquette is literally signifying a label first appeared in English around 1750. The etiquettes rules governing socially acceptable norms or guide lines for ceremonies justifies in its own sophistication. Etiquette is totally dependent on culture. Thus, etiquette with a driving force of mannerism will pave the ways of brotherhood and beneficial to all types of societies.

The Ring

I want to tell you about a high school basketball game I recently attended. It wasn’t my high school, or that of anyone I’ve ever known. Instead, an inner city public school in a low income part of town.

The 70 Percent Solution

Earlier in the month, I wrote about Corps Leadership Principles. If you remember, I was pretty impressed with the eleven principles the Marine Corps teaches, and reflected on how those same standards apply to you and me today. In this article, I’d like to introduce you to another Marine Corps teaching that I think applies directly to our personal and professional lives. It’s called “The 70 percent solution.”

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