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How To Live In The Now By Understanding The Holy Instant

A holy instant as the Course in Miracles says, or as we may refer to as living in the present moment, is where your willingness strikes, to allow the next instant, or present moment to arrive, and so on. Preparing your mind to live in the now, or for the holy instant is to simply recognize within yourself that this is where you want to live. It’s not at all necessary for you to do more now to have what you desire in the future. Rather, try to realize that there is nothing more you can do to begin living in the present moment.

How To Be Exceptional Rather Than Only Capable

Most people believe that to be exceptional rather than only capable; you have to be unique, extraordinary and gifted. On the other hand, they also think that if you are capable, you may be skilled, somewhat talented and even have expertise. But what makes such a difference?

You Can’t Go Back

Everyone has a past and a present. Yet, for many, the patterns of the past continue to plague the present. While everyone has learned something empowering in the past, we have also experienced events that were less than encouraging. It is the less than encouraging events that impede progress and create blind spots in the present. This article explores in detail how environment and past experience can derail our best efforts. And it provides insightful solutions to get past unwanted behavior.

Our Perception Shapes Our Reality

In this day and age, it is a tangible fact that our perception shapes our reality. That is the reason two people have a different interpretation while living the same event. The meaning we give to events is based on our beliefs and emotions. So, to change our world, all it takes is a shift in perception?

Having A Peak Experience By Living In The Present Moment

Having a peak experience seems to occur in the time-free zone of present moment awareness, a transcendent glorious moment that is the substance of real miracles. To be in the moment is of complete bliss and elation. These instants where time does not seem to tick are extraordinary and often compared to spiritual awakening events. The truth of real miracles cannot join us anywhere in the past or future, because neither exists. Only in our separated and fragmenting, dream of life, where we depend on time and material form, are past and future a thought.

How to Live Alone and Enjoy Your Own Company

Living alone can be challenging. But, it need not be a depressing experience. You can make it an uplifting and highly beneficial situation. You have the time and space to pursue personal growth and development. Now go and reach new heights that you never even expected.

Ways To Increase Your Self-Discipline

To increase your self-discipline, you have to begin by understanding that it is a trait of character which countless people lack, but it is also an attribute that can be developed and improved upon over time, just like a muscle. But how do you build, increase and develop more willpower?

Understanding The Atonement Of Christ – Never Having To Be Afraid Of Life Again

Think about the ways we walk toward love as we look for it, still hating it and terribly afraid of how it may treat us. And they we ask, what am I afraid of? Or are we really afraid of life and what we are capable of making of it, or creating of it? Do we fear success? Answering this question within yourself can be an advancement to love’s meaning and a way to leave behind the illusions that have you surrounded. But if we revert to illusion our being afraid of people and afraid of life only increases.

How To Let Go Of Fear Of Death Anxiety

When I first entered prison my way of “taking the bull by the horns” was to ask myself what seemed to be frightening: “What is the worst thing that can possibly happen to me?” After carefully considering this, I accepted the fact that I could possibly be killed in a number of violent ways. Facing the idea of overcoming the fear of death kept me from stepping backwards, deeper into fear.

Flow – Why Playing Is the Best Way to Learn

Flow. It conjures up images of air flow, the flow of water, hair flowing in the wind. Yet, it is also an apt description in psychology for a state of mind we constantly aspire to. Though it is not widely known, flow proves psychologically that playing games is one of the best ways of learning things.

Why You Shouldn’t Follow Your Passion

Not too long ago someone wanted to know if she should follow her passion and teach, or take the “comfortable” job that was offered to her. My reply was simply this, “Did you know that adjunct professors make about $22,000 a year? Can you live on that?

Thought Provoking Strategy For How To Control Anger And Frustration

Consider the unreality we live amongst each day, dealing with frustration, and the same with past generations, and those yet to arrive. The fake or phony ways we believe we are helping others, trying to impress the world, and of course our own egos, only make a stronger projection of a world gone mad and making it more difficult for overcoming frustration. We seem to walk the way of dreams through each day and usually each moment of each day. We are consistently learning to see illusion instead of Truth, fantasy over reality, going from waking to sleeping and on to a yet deeper dream. The illusions we make sink us deeper into the dream of separation where overcoming frustration seems to be a chore of life.

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