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Not Knowing Is the Beginning of Wisdom

Emerson said, ‘Get out of the way of your bloated nothingness.’ We have been taught to know and that part of your status, respect and credibility is on what you know. We define our selves and debate others on proving that point. Unfortunately though knowledge is useful and helps us be competent at what we do, it is not the core of our place of knowing where spirit and wisdom dwell. When you come to the realisation of what you do not know, this is the moment that you get out of your way, and stop defining your self by your control of facts. It begins your true walk into the being you truly are defined by the spirit within.

Be Slow To Anger

There are times when we have a disagreement with someone, we feel so strongly about being right and we are so sure we are not going to ever hang around with them again. We feel whatever the situation, we are done with them.

What Does a Life of Fulfillment Mean?

For many years I didn’t understand what it meant to live a life of fulfillment. I’ve come to learn many people have no idea what it means either. When I asked the question “What does a life of fulfillment mean to you?” the most common response I get is “Living a life of fulfillment means living a life of happiness.”

The Lawyer Business Coach: Humor Means Health! Are Lawyers ‘Legal Eagles’ Or ‘Legal Beagles’?

Humor helps smooth the bumps of life. It at least keeps us from bottoming out if we hit a real big chuck hole. I’ve discovered everyone seems to like lawyer jokes – even most lawyers. In these articles, enjoy some laughs about lawyers that will perhaps lighten your load, and cause you to see life from a little different perspective.

Ready to Make Change Easier? To Be More Adaptable? How to Achieve This With a More Playful Attitude

Bringing more play into your life is more than just fun, it helps you cope with change. It makes change easier. This article includes suggestions to help you find a lighter way to walk through your day.

Could I Be Psychic?

Everyone has that sudden burst of insight, that amazing experience they just knew was extraordinary! In this article we look at why we have this and how to take the next few steps toward improving that ability.

Shadow Work: Dancing With Your Shadow Self

What if denial was not an option? What if standing in truth was all that was available to you? What would you have to face about yourself, about others, about life? What will be possible when you do?

Seven Roles of the Soul to Help You Know Your Life Purpose

There’s a powerful body of knowledge that shows you an ancient and profound way of understanding universal truths. One of the teachings has to do with the seven roles of souls. As you read about these roles from the Michael Teachings, see if you can discern where you fit in.This will help you to be fully clear about your life purpose.

The Element of Honesty: The Cornerstone of Authenticity

Honesty is the cornerstone of authentic wellness and the fulfillment of our destiny on earth. Without honesty, though we may feel we are re-creating ourselves for better public perception or other selfish gains, the foundation of our lives is like sand, unstable, ever shifting, easily washed away when a storm arrives. The cornerstone is missing and it is only a matter of time before the entire structure of our lives crumbles leaving nothing but useless rubble.

7 Ways to Improve Performance and Productivity

People at the top of every profession and those in important management positions in any organization have at least one thing in common – they’ve developed the ability to get things done early and often. This ability is actually a highly developed habit that has little to do with brilliance, having tons of talent or being connected. It has everything to do with a highly developed habit for getting results.

The Value of a Healthy Ego

Having a healthy ego is the key to empowering you to face the challenges of life. However, if you have recently experienced despair to do financial or health difficulties, it is difficult to avoid self-blame. Regardless, it is possible to move away from self-doubt and return to self-confidence and prosperity.

The Difference That Self-Confidence Brings

Self-confidence returns when you lead a life of action. Unfortunately, most people attempt to resolve their problems by questioning their self-identity. They approach their life as a noun. I recommend that they shift their way of thinking and look at their life as a verb instead. Life is about action.

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