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Four Traits of High Performers

Have you ever wondered what it is that separates the truly successful from the rest of us? Intelligence and work ethic can take you so far in life, but if you can take on board some of the four traits we’ll be discussing inside this article, you will soon find yourself climbing up the career ladder in 2016.

Top 10 Lessons Learned in 2015

Many life changes occurred in 2015. With all life has to throw at us these are my top learned lessons of this past year.

Way of Life – What Path to Follow?

It helps to recognise life’s crossroads when you come to them rather than mindlessly drifting by. It’s all about finding the right way of life by choosing to go in the best direction. Not surprisingly then, writers often refer to one’s spiritual journey in terms of the direction one is travelling. What road one is going down. You have an outward journey that others can see you taking. They see your outward way of life from what has been your vocational training, means of livelihood, clubs belonged to, home location, family situation, etc. But in addition you will have an inner journey through life. This might be thought of in terms of reaching different states of mind such as those of confidence, fulfillment, and commitment. Alternatively the inner journey might be seen in terms of arriving at different cognitive states of knowledge, understanding, illumination. Religious people might experience their inner journey in terms of passing through different states of doubt, belief and conviction. Mystics in terms of attaining different states of vision, wonder and enlightenment. So what is the best path to follow?

I Never Thought I Could Make My Own Decisions – But I Finally Discovered The Secret! Here’s How

As children we were conditioned to go school where we were told what to do, when to do it, what we will learn and even suggested career paths to take based on career tests we took. We learned foundational skills: reading, writing and math, and the extent of our further studies were limited to the subjects available at our institutions of learning.

Personal Credibility (Part I)

Six days into the New Year I am wondering how many of us have kept our new year’s resolutions? I will close my eyes as we lower our hands.

When God Writes Your Story

Did you know that you are a writer? Everyone is a writer… we write our life story and then play our chosen role, just like a soap opera. Like those shows so many become attached to, it continues to twist and turn and change; possibly to keep us from becoming bored. Maybe that is the basis of our attachment; conceivably our favorites reflect our own hopes, dreams, fears or desires for excitement or change. What changes in our lives when God writes our story?

Carry the Spirit of December Forward

The month of December encourages us to think outside ourselves. Why not carry the spirit of December forward into the months ahead!

No More Playing Small

By making the choice to contribute and bring forth what we have to offer, we create the space to manifest our life’s purpose. In keeping with the integrity of our purpose, we bring into being the life we desire to live and an authentic way of engaging those around us.

Get Out of Your Own Way: Stopping Self Sabotage

We all get in our own way of happiness through self-sabotage. Here’s some insight on the different forms of sabotage and how to nix it.

Becoming Better Is What We All Strive For

Every individual is striving to do better. Better than what they did and better than what they do.

Self Help

Self help is one of the most prevalent forms of personal growth. It involves using the resources around you to guide yourself to improve intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially.

What Makes People Happy Besides Material Things?

The obstacles that we face in our day to day life are nothing but mere reflections of the negativity that twirls around us all the time. If we take the hurdles of life as a challenge and try to keep ourselves motivated no matter what the situation is, these hurdles will only become our guiding path leading us to that ultimate destination that we always dreamed to conquer.

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