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Seven Ways to Fine-Tune Your Mind

If you want to bring great things into your life, you have to cultivate the power of your mind. The full potential of your mind will come out only when you fine-tune your mind to make sure it is in its best and healthiest state.   Here are seven effective ways to fine tune your mind so it can perform more effectively and bring more results into your life.

Realizing Eternity

The other day I was talking with some people and I asked if they ever think about their eternalness. As they go through their everyday life do they think about being eternal? They all said NO. I said something in wonderment about that and they said it’s not normal to think about being eternal on a daily basis. I asked, “Is it not? It’s not ABNORMAL is it? Why is it seen as not normal?”

Dealing With Issues 6 – Even Though It’s Your Issue You Don’t Have To Deal With It All On Your Own

Another common place people fail when it comes to dealing with issues, is that they don’t get help and support when needed. What you may not know is that this desire to do it all on your own is actually another defense mechanism. Your mind knows that if you have to do it on your own you’ll almost assuredly fail. This is because it’s all in your mind and your mind is what you need to work with to deal with your issues.

Dealing With Issues 5 – Proving To Yourself You Are Capable Of Living Your Life Without The Issue

Now that you have effectively found a new way of dealing with the issue – one that is both useful and positive – the next step is to prove that you can handle things on your own. Remember, the issue was first created to protect you from something that your mind determined you couldn’t handle. To be able to truly find freedom from the issue you need to now prove that you can handle “whatever” (which is another reason you needed to determine what that was earlier).

Dealing With Issues 4 – Replace The Issues Trigger With Something Else

Once an issue has been brought to the surface it is likely to get triggered more often than it was previously. This means the next best step is to replace the trigger outcome with something much more positive. That way when it does get triggered it takes you to a better, more useful place.

Dealing With Issues 3 – Once You Determine What The Issue Is Protecting You From You Can Begin

By this stage you will have a rough idea of what the issue in question is trying to protect you from. As you begin to work with the issue more and more, it will become clearer what’s fully going on. The key from this point forward is not to rush things or try to force them to happen. The goal is to try and prove to yourself that you can deal with the situation the issue is protecting you from – not to set them off again and again.

Dealing With Issues 2 – Identify What The Issues Are Trying To Protect You From

Unlike trying to find the root of an issue, working to discover what the issue is trying to protect you from is a lot easier. Since it is trying to protect you from “whatever”, each time you encounter that thing or situation, the issue will trigger. This means to find what the issue is working to protect you from, you just have to pay attention to the things that set you off or make you scared.

Dealing With Issues 1 – Knowing Where Issues Originate Only Distracts You From Dealing With Them

One of the biggest misconceptions people have when it comes to dealing with issues is that you need to know where they come from. Since they can come from an off-handed comment when you were two all the way up to some major traumatic event in your life – knowing where issues come from can be a nightmare in itself.

Accountability As Part Of Your Equation For Success

In nature, everything happens in a sequence and a formula. The same holds true for you with every aspect of your existence that contains a formula for your success.

Should You Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Every year people set about to improve their lives in some way. The 2nd of January is often a time to rewrite your personal software program by setting goals. Do people keep resolutions? No. So let’s try a different way to improve in this year.

Irrelevant or Ear-Relevant!

Just the other morning I mis-heard a word. It set my mind ‘a-buzz’ with thoughts and connections ~ as well as making me smile:) That word was ‘Irrelevant’ – and I heard it as ‘Ear-Relevant’.

Working With Your Inner Critic

Inner Critics are part of our inner worlds. When we are aware of these critical parts of us, we can learn how to handle them and make them less destructive. Journal writing is one way to learn more about our Inner Critics and diffuse them.

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