New Year Challenge: Day 6 ✨ #shorts

Keep Getting UP: The Force of Purpose to Fulfill Your Dreams

Do you have a dream that you are longing to fulfill? A dream that wakes you up early in the morning and keeps you awake late into the night as you plan for its fulfillment? Yet the years have passed by and for some reason you have yet to see it manifest.

Know Fear, Know Growth, Know Change

Chasing is a horrible place to be. When it comes to love, money, health, relationships in general and joy. When it comes to love, money, health, relationships in general and joy.. chasing saps us from actually doing the thing that will get us there.

Do You NEED to Prove Yourself Right?

What is it that makes people “NEED” to prove themselves right? A person will have a belief whether it’s God, Allah, Buddha, or no belief at all. Then you’ll have another person that just HAS to try and prove the first person wrong and themselves right. Personally I believe it’s either an inferiority complex or superiority complex or a combination of both. After all why else would someone have a NEED to prove someone wrong? And if you disagree with the person trying to prove you wrong you become stupid, you don’t understand, you don’t look at the facts, you are closed minded or some other insult that is meant to bully you into changing your mind or try to make you feel inferior and wrong about your belief.

Our Motives: What Is Important?

Why do we do what we do? Why don’t we do what we don’t do? Most things that can motivate us are not entirely virtuous nor reprehensible. What makes motivations virtuous or reprehensible are the reasons for our motivations-that is, the motives behind our motivations.

Learning All Our Lives

We begin learning at birth and we had better keep learning till death. Learning must be on purpose and it must change our lives.

Positive People Association = Personal Development Success

Associating with positive motivated people will help you in your personal development in regard to having success in life. For years I did not understand my mentors when they suggested that “you are a sum of the FIVE people that you surround yourself with the most.” Look at it as though you were looking at a puzzle, wanting to know the summation of the puzzle.

Life Is a ‘Yes’ Or ‘No’ Kind of Deal

As I approach my fifty-sixth birthday (Dear God, this means I will actually be walking through my fifty-seventh year!) I find myself reviewing the “where I have been” and looking with great delight to “where I still have not visited.” And, as I bend my mind and spirit to this wandering and pondering, I realize that for me, I must continue to keep a “yes” attitude going for this adventure of living to keep going.

A Question of Healing

How do I remove the evil that was done to me and remove the negative blockage from my life? You might want to approach this from a number of angles, beginning with what you are most comfortable.

Time Is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Think of someone that you respect, someone you would like to be more like, something that someone else has achieved and you would like to achieve it too. Well you have the same Twenty Four hours in a day that they do. You have the same Twenty Four hours that Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Donald Trump, The Queen, A prisoner on death row, the lady or gentleman that served you at the grocery store, a famous actor…

The New Year Plan: Are You READY?

In our current “microwave” culture where we are expected to fast track everything from success to the grieving process coupled with being electronically leashed to our jobs, we are challenged more. These two factors may constrain our downtime to the point that quick results are more relatable. But sometimes we have to resist that urge, keep it simple, and literally take it one hour, one day and one challenge at a time until we just do better. Old habits cling to us like steam on a mirror and even when we try to wipe them away, the process is not always easy.

3 Topics to Cover in Your Journal

Journaling tends to be something that is rather personal and people do it for many different reasons. Some people tend to keep a journal for personal reasons, perhaps writing down their feelings or simply things that they don’t want to forget.

This Principle Can Change Your Destiny

The mind of man can achieve anything they conceive and anything that creates. Thoughts are very powerful when mixed with a specific purpose and a genuine desire to transform in wealth or any other material object. There are proven principles to do so.

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