New Year Challenge: Day 2 🙌🏻

The Better Life Game – A Sad Indictment?

Is the fact that there is a ‘better life game’ available on the Internet a good thing or a bad thing? In my not-so-humble opinion this, along with all the other virtual world games that are proving so popular is a sad indictment on the depths our societies have sunk to. I can certainly understand the attraction.

Power of Humility

Napoleon Hill says, “Humility is the forerunner to success!” By humility Mr. Hill does not mean being meek and mild, or shy and withdrawn, what Mr. Hill means is to be aware that you don’t know everything. If you remember this then you are always capable of learning something from everyone you meet; even if it’s a way how NOT to do something. Until you humble yourself and accept the fact that you don’t know everything and that everyone has something to teach you, you will not profit from the experiences and successes of others. If you think about it success lies in our ability of knowing people, and the best place to begin to understand people is by starting with yourself. If you do not understand you how will you be able to understand others, and if you don’t understand yourself and others how will you understand what is required to succeed?

Who Is In Control Of Your Life?

Are you in control of your life, or are you bound to the rules of someone or something else? Do you feel alive and free to be you, are you perhaps unaware of the influence around you? Generally structures and organisations surrounding us are designed to control us and keep us in check, take away our personal power and individuality.

Living a Guilt-Free Life

There may be times in your life when you feel guilty about something you have said and done. This is common and everyone has been through this and handles it in a variety of ways.

The Wise Store Their Knowledge While Fools Advertise Their Ignorance

A person knowledgeable in his field does not have the pressing urge to force his views onto others. He is secure in his knowledge and is quite contented to just listen to the views of others. The fool, on the other hand, airs his opinion even on matters he does not know much about. He is not really interested in the views of others. He is simply interested in airing his own.

Changing Self-Image by Acting As If It Were True

You may think acting as if you have self-confidence is a ridiculous notion. It is, in fact, a part of what some call “fake it until you make it.” When you act “as if,” your other than conscious mind does not separate your play acting from your real self.

When Problem Solving Be Sure That You Are Defining the Problem Properly

Once a man Emailed me from Italy, because he wanted to move to California. He felt he had a terrific business opportunity available to him and could be very successful. However, it would mean leaving behind his wife and his two young daughters, for at least five years.

Self Acceptance Opens the Door for Change

I remember needing to pick a topic for my counseling psychology master’s thesis. My first proposal was to look at how people change and transform their lives. My thesis adviser asked me how long I planned to be in graduate school because every person’s route to change is individual.

Living Your Life Without Limits

Living a life without limits is to live a life without restrictions. That means no restrictions on your mind, heart and soul. It is imperative that you give yourself permission to dream big, think big and always feel and believe that you will attain your heart’s deepest desires.

What Is a Personal Progress Tracker?

Many young women throughout the Church are participating in the Young Women Personal Progress program. This is a program designed for young women ages 12 to 18 to help them draw closer to Christ and to develop worthwhile attributes that will help them achieve their divine potential.

Secondary Character in Your Own Life?

Your story is unfolding before you. You have experiences, meet people, know joy and face your share of challenges. As with all good stories there are primary characters, whose thoughts and actions profoundly affect the tapestry and tone of their lives.

A Winning Mentality

Do you ever wonder what makes wealthy and successful people any different to those of us who have comparatively little? Why is it that some people manage to acquire a life of wealth and success, whilst others in the same environment live from day to day on the verge of poverty? And why do some people manage to achieve things with ease, whilst others struggle and get nowhere?

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