New Year Challenge: Day 1 ✨

Can You Pretend That You Are Happy When You Are Feeling Sad?

Pretend you’re happy when you’re blue, it isn’t very hard to do. It’s all very well to be told that if you just change your thoughts you can change your behaviour, but there are times when that is easier said than done. I’m sure you’d love to be able to switch off your negative thoughts in an instant, and there are many times when you’d like to feel more confident and cheerful.

Lust Is Rust

Traditionally thought of as one of the ‘seven deadly sins’, and therefore something to be approached with caution, lust is undeniably one of the most prevalent and pervasive influences in society today. It is something that we can hardly avoid being faced with at every turn, every magazine page, every billboard, and yet at the same time it is a topic that is little understood. In reality, we are confused by this so-called sin that at the same time appears to promise the fulfillment of our dreams.

Top Bad-Boy Moves That You Can Use To Improve Your Dating Prospects

Ever say to yourself that bad boy’s have all the luck? It’s a very common trend that many men believe – all women fall for the bad boys while the nice guys, the ones they should be dating miss out. So what is it about bad boys that makes women fall into their trap and what can you do about it?

How to Improve Your Life With Your Mindset

Your mindset controls everything you do, and everything you do not do. It is time to take back control of your mind in order that you make the most of your life.

Why Your Habits Matter

Habits are what make up the basis of your life. It is wise to have good habits. Bad habits simply make life more difficult than it already is.

The Truth About Pills

Pills are used excessively to cover up the truth. Pills do not stop the injury, they simply cover up the pain so you can do more damage. Pills should be a last resort, not a first response.

Journaling Tricks: 10 Things I Love

A truly rotten day can seem overwhelming, but there’s a way to get the best of it. Use your journal to identify ten things you love – about whatever subjects or issues your journal presents to you. By making note of your love in this way, you open the doors to refreshed inspiration and motivation.

Productivity Is Not an Accident, It’s a Decision

John Wooden, the legendary coach at UCLA, is quoted as saying: “Don’t mistake activity and achievement.” He was also famous for believing in fundamentals. Coach Wooden understood that practicing a few important things on a consistent basis paid higher returns than leaving a game to chance. At every practice, his focus was on practicing those few things that produced success. He understood the difference between practicing just to practice and working on plays that won games. John Wooden understood the power of planning to be productive.

5 Things You Can Do to Be Happier and More Successful Starting NOW

Improving oneself is not difficult. It might be uncomfortable. It might be slow; but difficult? Figure out what you want to change; figure out a way to do it, move in that direction, correct as necessary. So, if that’s all it takes, why don’t more people accomplish their goals or why do they feel stuck? This article will shed some light on that and provide guidance to become “unstuck” using five simple concepts.

Set It and Forget It – How to Automate Our Lives

In our life there are many things that can be done just once by setting it, and you can forget it completely. The system you used to set it will take care of it, and you automatically benefit from it afterward.

How To Develop The Habit Of Reading

Developing the habit of reading is a good thing thing because reading enlarges our knowledge and understanding, and gives us insights and perspectives we may not have seen, had we not read. Reading brings us into intimate contact with the author of the materials we feed upon. It reveals to us the person’s state of mind, and can even bring us into the discernment of the thoughts, feelings and admiration of great souls. Reading is more, much more than just passing time. It is in essence using our time wisely, to gain comprehension, some of which may be used to better our lives and the lives of those with whom we come into contact. Oh, the thrill of reading the great autobiographies and biographies of those who accomplish awesome feats. Seeing the magnificent deeds that were done, and realizing the odds which were against the person highlighted in the book, only serves to paint upon the canvas of our imaginations what really could be possible, if we would dare to dream bigger and pursue that dream with a determination never to quit. Reading is fun.

Go Guilt and Regret FREE Now!

I often hear from clients that what most keeps them in a disempowered place is the feeling of guilt over something they did, or living with regret over something they did not do. Either of these can deplete energy and block one’s ability to make clear decisions and take massive action. Both can hold us back from what we want most.

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