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Ten Things You Should Know About Thinking

Things you should know about thinking. You need to have some understanding of what thinking is, how you habitually think and how you can go about changing how you think. Once you have the basics you can change how your thinking and thereby change your life. This is an exciting capsule study of how to change your life by simply changing how you think

Do You Know the Right Career for You?

Choosing the right career for you is not easy. It requires much thought and contemplation. It needs looking into your core values, of knowing yourself thoroughly. But it is the only way to happiness and success, not only of your career, but of the totality of your life as a person.

How to Succeed Through Simple Courtesy

This article is a reminder to all of us that it’s important to check in with ourselves both personally and professionally in terms of how we treat, impact, and impress other people. With the hectic pace most of us keep in today’s society, we often lose sight of this critical element in creating our own personal and professional success.

How Do You Respond to Obstacles in Your Personal and Professional Life?

All of us have times in our personal or professional lives when obstacles of some sort rear their ugly heads and interfere with our intentions, goals, and desires. If you have been in this situation or are in it now, this article may be helpful to you. You’ll come away with some clear steps you can take to not only clear away obstacles but also create the successful and fulfilling life of your dreams.

Open-Mindedness – Simply Makes Life Easier

It is safe to say that close-mindedness stifles growth. I have met some people in my life who simply lived inside their perfectly ordered boxes and refused to keep an open mind about various things. In a world full of endless possibilities and infinite potential, I think open-mindedness is key to an ever-expanding consciousness.

The Burning Darkness of Illusory Enlightenment

Illusory enlightenment is all that a man can ever attain. You must ascend or descend in order to comprehend your own burning darkness.

That’s The Way I Am

Many things and people act on us and try to decide what we should be and how we should act. But we can decide different. We always have control of ourselves unless we give it away.

We Teach People How to Treat Us

We all teach people how to treat us… you, me and everyone else. Your words, body language, facial expressions, actions, reactions, and energy must all send the same message about how you want to be treated. And you need to deliver the same message over and over again.

Jung on Art, Language and Symbolism

The article explores the concept of specialized language and the role of art in our lives. Specialized Language is a term I use in my work in applied game theory to describe defined and rigidly applied organization of words and non-verbal cues communicating detailed specific ideas in a highly defined specialized group. Much of what I have written and spoken of through the years has been an integration of the idea articulated by Jung, Wittgenstein and various Zen writings. This student expressed that specialized group.

Do You Know Your Personal Strengths And Weaknesses?

Before we are able to focus on becoming the best we might be, and reaching the maximum potential, we must first commit to being objectively introspective, and evaluating what our strengths and weaknesses are. The reality is that many people overestimate their strengths, while minimizing the degree and depth of their weaknesses, and thus end up treading water, rather than progressing forward in a relevant and sustainable manner. Can you see yourself as others do?

Is Your Brand Shut Down for Business?

The recent federal government shutdown fiasco got me thinking about how personal brands are also often at risk for shutdowns due to a variety of internal and external factors. Without delving into political details or assigning specific blame to any one person or party, I think most people agree that even with the recent temporary reopening, our current government is broken. Neither side is really “winning” these days. Politicians may manage to survive this kind of negative event, but your brand cannot. The turmoil plaguing Washington, D.C, is also plaguing our business and social sectors, so you must ensure that your brand is competitive enough to win no matter how treacherous the playing field becomes. Let’s quickly review a few key lessons about competitive, winning brand-building that can be gleaned from the most recent federal government shutdown.

Walk to Work or Work to Walk?

Transport has become a very important part of the human world. In modern times you are supposed to use modern means for your day to day habits and needs. When it comes to transport, there is a variety of modes (road, air, rail, water and space) with a complex infrastructure made up of terminals, vehicles and public transport. But the most debated problem nowadays has become the actual lack of basic movement: walking.

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