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Hypnotic Words Enhance Personal Development

Hypnotic words aid not only in personal development, but also in success of an individual. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring phenomenon that cannot be controlled. Success in life is an all-round term where an individual should achieve his or her set goals and strive to develop on a personal basis. This article highlights major hypnotic words that really benefit you if you incorporate them in your vocabulary while striving to apply them. Most people strive to enrich their vocabularies forgetting that application of what is learnt and gained is more important than having it.

Denying Your Vulnerability Might Harm Your Relationships

If you are a person who hides and denies any vulnerability in you, it might show up in different ways which you are unaware of and harm your relationships. Becoming aware of your vulnerability, accepting and expressing it with your partner can strengthen your relationship.

I Slapped My Dogs And Lived To Regret It!

After accepting Christ as my Savior, this terrible temper did not go away immediately. However, every time, before an impending blind rage was to take over, the Holy Spirit was there to restore me to my senses. Yes, even as a pastor, there were many occasions where I was boiling mad but at least not boiled over to the extent of hurting others with physical violence. The recent experience with the dogs only tells me to keep surrendering this area of my life to the Lord. After I returned home from the cell meeting, I spent a few moments in apologizing to Mercy. I then hugged all the dogs and cats… thanking the Lord blessing us with all these lovely pets.

Stress – Personal Traits – Jealousy

Body language exposes internal conflict that could be the result of repressed feelings and emotions, such as jealousy. It also expresses many positive aspects of an individual’s belief system and self-esteem. Understanding the body language and non-verbal communication of yourself and others can enrich any relationship. To some this ability is almost innate, while others don’t seem to notice or give it merit.

Managing Your Self-Talk For Positive Results

What is that little voice in your head saying to you? You know, the one that is constantly talking and criticizing you? What do you do about what it says? Do you ignore it? Do you argue with it? Do you shoo it away? None of that works very well does it? That inner voice, sometimes called self-talk, The Critic, your Gremlin, is always telling your negative things that are not true about you in a global sense. Its observations and opinions are based on single or even partial events in your earlier life. The problem is that its constant negative yammering can cause you to have low self-esteem, to be bummed out or to even be depressed. What can you do about it?

The Magic Behind Developing a Winning Attitude

Do you sometimes start on something new with the expectation that things don’t usually work out for you, giving you the feeling that you are doomed to fail before you even begin? As soon as you’ve started the first step, you’ve already set yourself up for disappointment. This is a natural self-defense which makes it easier to face the disappointment of failure by setting your expectations low, but the problem is that in doing this it initiates a self-fulfilling prophecy and you will be doomed to fail if you are always operating within your comfort zone.

3 Benefits Of Personal Development

Personal development is a big part of having a successful Internet business. It has been said in the past that your business will never outgrow your own personal development and there is a lot of truth to this. In this short article let’s talk about three benefits your Internet business can provide when you improve yourself as a person.

Do You Really Know Those You Are Close to? – Insights From The Little Prince

How well do you connect with the people in your life?And when you say you “connect” with them, what exactly do you mean?Many of us who imagine ourselves close to another person, or several people, would be surprised to discover that if we could see inside the person’s heart and mind, we actually have no real clue what’s going on inside them.

Personal Development Skills: Get More Out Of Life

Gaining personal development skills is the key to improving productivity and achieving great success. Behaviours and action are influenced by habits and attitudes, which will then be defining factor of what you get out of your life. The best way to achieve your desired success is to develop personal development skills. Here is a simple guide that can help you come up with a plan to develop your personal development skills.

Understanding Negative Self-Talk

We all have a little voice in our head that talks to us almost constantly. Some people refer to it as “The Critic”, some call it a “Gremlin” and others make up various negative names for it. I call it my “Critter.’ The point is that is there for all of us and it is very critical of what we think, say and do. It is often telling us we are stupid, lazy, a procrastinator, etc., etc., etc. It seems like it never has anything good to say to us and we can find ourselves getting really bummed out or even depressed by its constant negative talk.

Getting A Monkey Off Your Back

Almost all of us are walking around with one or more monkeys on our backs. For some, they are the size of a baby chimpanzee. For others, they may be full-grown gorillas…

Change Your Life in 5 Minutes

Have you ever noticed that it’s the small, habitual decisions we make everyday that add up to have huge effects on our life? Try this “5-minutes” technique to make small, incremental changes in your habits that can bring huge improvements in your health and happiness.

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