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Self Responsibility? Now That Hurts!

The lower selves and your external world reflect a familiar territory, a comfort zone of what you know. The ego sees this as your truth, your reality.

Say Bye to Your Ego

Many people are not aware of their inner side, though they have to look that side now. By doing so, you will come up with many ideas which will help you to uplift your life and will make your ego away from you. Ego is what your sense of self is derived from.

What Controls Your Emotions?

What are your hot buttons? What at work or home really sets you off? Did you know that you have complete control over that? I know it may not seem…

What Self Development Practices Will Work Great For You?

Understand and accept that it takes effort and time to acknowledge the best self development practice that will suit you. You have to assess the current life style, look at what you have tried already, and decide what has or hasn’t worked for you and why? To help you go through this process make a list, write it down so you can see it.

How to Finally Establish Inner Peace

This is an important lesson I would like to share with you. I have worked for peace and joy throughout the years. It wasn’t easy, but finally at long last I have attained that peace that I have wished for and worked for all of my life. I am now fully relaxed and can be my authentic self wherever I am. I don’t have to try anymore.

7 Ways to Be the Best You

These days when life is very hectic, no one really seems to care about other people, or sometimes even about themselves. This hustle and bustle has created such an empty space in people’s life that they’ve forgot the true meaning of happiness. They try to find happiness in artificial things or indulge themselves in activities which can satisfy them only for a short period of time. Drinking alcohol, smoking, doing drugs, or gambling can only give an artificial pleasure which may only last a few short hours. Many times people get busy just so they won’t have to be by themselves.

How Does Self Improvement and Success Go Hand in Hand?

There are many people out there who have dreams and ambitions but have no clue how to achieve them. They may be aware that if they improved themselves things would get better, but they are not sure where to start. Even if they did start would they follow through and finish? Everyone is different and in the end it is entirely up to the individual.

Three Monastic Promises That Could Make a Difference to You

When someone enters a monastery and decides to commit himself to that particular way of life, he makes three salmon promises. So important, in fact, that they are called vows. Not many people know what these vows are, so I’ll explain them briefly, and suggest how they could make sense to anyone not living in an enclosed community.

Growth and Self Development

There are many paths that lead to the road of Self Development. It first starts out with deciding what goal or target one wants to attain. What are you looking to accomplish? Are you seeking enlightenment, or just a better way to exercise? As you can see there is a bit of a difference between these two goals.

A Telling Story

Sharing a story about your life story is a vital key that will change the way you see yourself and ultimately the people around you. A story adds emotion to what could otherwise be a collection of figures and facts.

Good Communication Helps You Influence Others Through Listening – Success Pillar Ten

We all know good communication is a vital part of life if we want to get along with our mates, our partners, our children, our boss or employees, but how many of us do it really well? Isn’t it true that, in general, people listen long enough to think their own thoughts then wait for the person to finish so they can interject those thoughts into the conversation?Β 

Does it Pay to Have an Alter Ego?

I never claim to have super powers. I never claim to be able to save the word with my own two hands- which actually would be very nice now that I come to mention it. But what I do claim to have is an alter ego.

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