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Metamorphosis – A Transformation

Our life is a series of events followed by transformations at every level. Adapting to these transformations and carving our niche in this world is important.

How to Transcend Your Limits

You know the feeling. You’ve done all you know to do and, yet, there seems to be this invisible wall that is stopping you.

How to Deal With Shame and Guilt

We all do things that we are not proud of sometimes. This has potential to affect our happiness and resourcefulness. This article provides strategies for dealing with shame and guilt to help you move on and live a happier life.

The Benefits of Therapy

Whether it be individually, as a couple, or as a family, the therapeutic process improves the quality of one’s life and relationships. For many years, people have improved their lives with therapy. In the most primitive form of the word, therapy is the treatment of an ailment.

What I Learned When My Best Friend Didn’t Come to My Wedding

The invites were sent, the dress was bought and everything was going according to plan when I got the phone call, “I’m sorry, man. I can’t come to your wedding”. These were the words from one of my best friends. I couldn’t believe it…

Freedom in Solitude

It has always been said that through solitude we discover our true selves, we uncover life’s mysteries; the deep and the shallow, we rediscover our purpose when circumstances threw them to the shadows and we are sometimes reborn into individuals that the ordinary man just cannot par with when it comes to understanding, logic and reason. This claim, fathers the truth. Solitude is one’s truest friend as is our intuition, it is through solitude that our intuition as well as our being improves beyond what we have been programmed to comprehend.

2.7 Prepare of Action – Count the Cost

Do you know the difference between price and cost? The terms “price” and “cost” can be confusing. The two terms are related, but quite different.

Tales My Father Never Told

I guess my earliest recollection of my father’s exploits occurred when I was about eight or nine. As was the family custom to always sit down to dinner promptly at 6, I can remember in joyous excitement when my father recounted the days when he was young. The “good old days” as my father so fondly recalled.

Bits of Wisdom to Live Life to the Fullest

Living life to the fullest is made up of little pleasures that give our lives an even keel, a balance and meaning. It is not of temporary spurts of joy but of much longer sense of serenity and peace of mind.

Why Don’t We Learn From Our Mistakes?

Review your overall plan and break it down into individual tasks, with time allotted. Work out the best strategies to achieve your goals, decide on tasks that suit your ability and strengths, outsource or find help for problem areas. Work on your project diligently and with passion, visualize daily how great it will be to live your dream. Belief in yourself and see the amazing difference this will make to your progress.

The Miracle in Owning Your Life – Loving Your Story

Who are you, really, do you know? Do you look back across the years you’ve lived and enjoy what you see? Is it a complete story you wouldn’t mind publishing for the world to see? Probably not; most of us travel across some bumpy terrain on the way to growing up and growing older. We make mistakes; we miss opportunities and then spend years regretting not having seen the chances that could have made a difference. This is real life; we have regrets, some more than others.

Rely Upon Yourself In LIfe

Being self-reliant and taking your own decisions can be challenging and initially, frightening too. But at the same time it makes you a more confident person. Read on…

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