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Good Communication Is Often More About Your Energy Than Your Words

Good communication is often said to be more body language than words. But I believe that there is another element to it. I believe communication is an exchange of energy.

Nourish and Energize Yourself With a Summer Meditation

Slowing down is a wonderful way to both energize and learn about yourself. Your inner world emerges when you give it a chance. So summertime is the perfect time for refreshing meditation times.

How To Begin Making New Choices For Change And Moving Forward In Life

For a lot of people moving forward in life by disregarding old beliefs and going with new ideas isn’t that easy to do. But be pleased with your inner self if you are one of those creative spirits who just isn’t satisfied sticking with old routines that have you stuck and at dead ends. But rather, perhaps, you’re one who likes to keep moving forward in life by true extension of Self and making new choices in life for change without regret.

Learn To Create Abundance And Well-Being In Your Life By The Law Of Giving And Receiving

The power of the universe works by the incredible law of giving and receiving, as two aspects of the same thought. It’s this flow of universal power that creates abundance and well-being in our lives. It’s in our willingness to extend love so we may attract it, which keeps peace and happiness in the world.

Why Letting Go Can Be Your Way To Success In Life

Much more often we must be willing to let go of some people and situations we’ve been hanging onto for far too long. But as humans we’re afraid of the unknown. We harbor unnecessary self-doubt and guilt. It’s the ego we feel we need! You may think that much of my writing is a discussion of the ego-based mind. But what I really want to pass on to you is a lesson I’ve learned on how I was able to realize my own abundance. The ego kept me from the realization that we must be willing to let go for much of my adult life; but now my goal is to share my abundance with others.

Here’s How To Begin Tapping Into Your Unconscious Mind Power By Letting Go Of The Ego

Manifesting miracles is not magic, but is in simply realizing and accepting your unconscious mind power. It’s the creativity you are capable of that directs you into the life you want to live without fear. All things are possible, but the limitations you only believe you face are holding you back from the truth. Utilizing your real unconscious mind power will help you achieve your goals, such as, relationship healing, a golf swing, mechanical or educational pursuits, weight-loss, other physical healing or abilities, financial success, well-being and health, and on and on, etc.

Why Inspiration From Seminars Doesn’t Last (and What to Do About It)

Remember that last seminar, workshop or retreat you attended? Remember how wonderful it felt? What happened to that rosy glow after you came home?

Simple Steps For Moving On In Life Through Forgiving Oneself

Forgiving oneself is a letting go process. Self-forgiveness may take longer than a day or two and the time frame will vary for everyone. But regardless of how long, it keeps you on the path of hope. Many of us continue to harbor the past and the mistakes made for far too long after a particular incident. Many people hang on to self-guilt for years! And by letting go of the guilt begins a path for everyday miracles in your life!

Dr Jackal and Madam Hide “I Choose Love”

The answer is quite simple. I know, that I know, that I know, that my return to magnificence, my return to perfection, my return to love is the absolute knowledge that this life experience is all an illusion and that only LOVE resides here.

Why Can’t I Get The Law of Attraction To Work For Me?

I get asked more about this subject than any other and it is one of the most difficult to explain in a manner that people really know and understand how to apply it in their life. Many of my readers worldwide ask me why they can’t seem to get the Law of Attraction to work for them.

You Are Not Washed Up: Midlife and Finding Purpose

Are you approaching 40 or 50 years old? Are you starting to feel washed up? Do you feel life something is missing? This article will help you find purpose, happiness, and reasons for you to be grateful that you have reached this stage in your life.

It’s Only OK If It Feel Right on All Levels

Are you about to make an important decision? Read this first!

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