My 3 Moods as an *Introvert*

The Dignity and Treatment of Others

A philosopher once said that we have no right to say or do anything that diminishes a man in his own eyes; that hurting a man’s dignity is a crime. Everyone loves to make fun, right? Everyone loves to pick on those they see as beneath them or less than them.

Four Areas Of Subtle Temptation And How To Beat Them

Temptation can come to us through many channels, ourselves, the devil and others to whom we interact with in temporary or regular basis. It’s a given that as long as we live, we’ll be tempted one way or the other, what matters the most is the preparation to endure or defeat the temptation(s). That’s the lever to victory or defeat, to costly consequences or safety measures that work to your benefit.

The Beatles and What They Can Teach Us

The Beatles are still part of our lives 30 years on. What can they teach us as we head out into the working world? They are just as relevant today as they were then. If you look at what they achieved and continue to achieve there are certain factors that made them great. You too can use their secrets and apply them in your working lives. If you want a new job, a better job, want to conquer your fears or really live the working life of your dreams, then the Beatles have the answers, together with the world’s greatest pop music as a backdrop. This article has the top 10 actions the Beatles took to achieve greatness and you can use them too to achieve your goals in your life.

Amazing 31 Days Fat Loss

There are a lot of people who wanted to loss fat fast. This suggestion may help you faster and easier.

Competition – What’s It Doing to You?

Competition gets all kinds of good attention. Economics professors talk about how great it is for business and athletes talk about how great it is for their performance. But is competition really a good thing?

Beauty From the Inside Out

When I was in elementary, beauty, in my mind was defined as fair skin and long hair; features, attitude, size, or style didn’t matter to me at all; as long as the skin was light and there was a lot of hair; I considered you beautiful. As I got older, a browner skin tone and medium length hair was acceptable to me, as long as the lips and nose weren’t too large. In high school, I incorporated named brand clothes and a curvy shape into the things I considered beautiful. The most unfortunate thing about my idea of beauty was that I did not have one of these characteristics; not one!

Change – How To Resist Resisting It?

Some of us think about change and we sweat. We do a mental scramble and we think about what we can do to control it – to stop it. We see this all the time on Facebook. Zuckerberg comes out with a new layout and there’s a wild protest in the Newsfeed. The first reaction is to resist the change. We humans do it all the time but there is another ‘f’ word that can be change provoking. Food…

Your Perception Is a Filter Between You and Reality

Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. You perceive the world in a certain way depending on your beliefs.

How to Say No to Demanding People

You have the right to say yes or no to anything or anyone. When dealing with demanding people, it’s hard to remember that. In this article, you will learn the 5 phrases that you can use to quickly, completely and unflinchingly say no to people who are very good at getting what they want, especially from you.

Life Is A Rare Privilege To Serve

Your life is a rare privilege and responsibility which you cannot shirk. Many times when we are affected by the adversities of life or other challenges, we wonder about the value and meaning to life. We are so perturbed that we begin to ask why me. It is perfectly normal to ask questions. But the questions we ask should be what and how and not why me. What and how questions of life evoke the spirit and desire to give service to fellow beings and society at large.

4 Long Term Steps to Improve Your Life

Improvement is a constant process. You can’t always think about personal development as a one time process. If it was possible, you would never need to read another personal development book in your life. There are these simple ideas that you need to follow continuously and consistently to improve your life and learn the life’s simple lessons.

Your Paths To Self Destruction

To live a meaningful life or to self destruct it–is a personal choice. How ironic it is to know, when some are fighting a bitter struggle to survive in order to live; whilst others literally discard their lives away… as if they are trash! Is there no meaning in life?

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