My 2022 Goals: how I plan, track & achieve goals ✨

Money As Your Ultimate Goal

Many people often talk about the money as their ultimate goal. They want to make more money and it sounds like the real solution for everything and actually this is the problem they don’t realize. This is also one of the main reasons why people don’t ever create wealth.

Making The Right Decisions In Your Life

Decision is a single mental action that has the power to change any personal problem. The certain decisions have the potential to provide you an immense success. All the people who learned and mastered decision making are very successful in everything they do.

3 Simple Tips For Success in Business

The first and most important business success tip you will ever find is to make sure your attitude is positive. When I say positive I am not talking about keeping a good attitude. Oh no, having a good attitude is not going to be persistent enough to handle the day-to-day abuse most people are going to face regularly. You will need to keep a bullet-proof attitude.

Self-Growth: Our Love Is Stronger Than Their Hate

Love conquers all. Even gigantic hate dwarfs when love becomes powerful. Yes, our love is stronger than their hate.

Exploring Life – Hiding Your Problems Behind A Joke Only Works To Make Your Life A Joke

How many times have we heard people tell a joke that we’re not sure was a joke? How many times have we had someone tell us something we think is true, then they tell us they were only joking? More often than not what they were telling us was the truth; but were afraid to admit to, it so they hid it inside a joke instead.

What Is It About Qualifications?

Whilst it is important that people are educated to be competent and capable of doing the job that is expected of them, many people admit that they learn far more when they are actually doing the job and walking the walk. Qualifications are important to an extent, but they are often only one part of the story.

Walking the Path Designed For You

Walking the path designed for you is not an easy thing to do. Many of you have family obligations and you may have sacrificed your life to help your parents or other family members. You may still belong to the religion of your childhood, working in a job that you grew up seeing others working in and you may feel trapped.

Secrets of Personal Transformation: What’s Missing From the Mind-As-Onion Metaphor?

Secrets to personal growth and self-improvement are hidden in the Onion metaphor. Find out what has been missing to achieve personal transformation.The onion metaphor has often been used to describe the process of delving into a person’s psyche. Layers are removed to reveal what is beneath, toward the core. The metaphor reflects the many layers that we have inside us.

Latent Wisdom: Discovering What You Know

I believe that most people know more than they acknowledge or utilize effectively in living their lives. This latent wisdom has been alluded to, partially, by various notions including “trust your gut” and “pay attention to your intuition.” It also appears in those moments when you just automatically respond to a situation successfully and later wonder, “How did I do that?”

11 Ways to Increase Your Assertiveness

When it comes to communication, are you one of those people that go straight to the point or you are more known for your ‘broken record’ stories? Being assertive has and continues to be a quality that I admire and that I have among my goals for this year.

Do You Feel Loved or Unloved?

We all need to feel loved, but often we don’t – both within ourselves and with others. Discover what you need to feel loved.

Exploring Life – Letting Go Doesn’t Mean You Quit, Give Up, Or Abandon Your Life

If there’s one word that best describes ourselves as a species it would have to be “Stubborn”. We fight tooth and nail to be able to do the same things day in and day out. We work very hard to make sure our lives follow the same path without fail. We spend thousands of hours ensuring what we think and believe doesn’t ever change.

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