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Slow Down and You Will Improve Both Your Performance and Results

Over the years I have noticed a strange anomaly, which at first seemed to me, to be counterintuitive. When people try to work fast, they become overwhelmed and slow, whereas, when they concentrate on being smooth, the results they produce are not only better, but they occur faster too. When people are hurried and pressed, the results they are able to produce are poor, however when people are encouraged to make a crucial philosophical and behavioural shift, where they focused on being smooth rather than fast, the results they managed to produce, were far better and faster…

How to Get Past Unbelief and Create the Life of Your Dreams

What is keeping you from living the life you see when you close your eyes? If you are like most people you immediately go into a laundry list of reasons you could never live the life you imagine in your dreams.

Where Is the Best Place to Promote Awareness?

Yes, it is difficult and almost impossible to spread awareness to all of the world. Awareness is an enlightenment that redirects you in giving back to the world and helping the world to become a better place for humankind to live in. This is a process in which you found yourself and you are giving it back by helping those people who are also lost with their way.

Instant Manifestations

It has taken me almost thirteen years to get to a point in my life where I no longer judge myself through other people’s eyes. As the child of adult child of an alcoholic, my childhood experiences were drenched in criticism, sarcasm, emotional exploitation and consistent psychological invalidation. When I decided to end my codependent marriage, my own family struggled with my reasons for doing so.

Why We Must Have Dissatisfaction In Our Lives

If you have been poor for the past 5 years, but you have been trying not to be, then obviously what you are doing is not working. Poor people are poor because of the way they think, their attitudes, their actions, their outlook on life and their belief system. Just like the rich people are rich for the same reasons.

Developing Courage Is Another Way Of Procrastinating

Developing Courage Is An Excuse For Procrastinators First let me say that developing courage is not like developing a picture. See all courage you will ever need, you already have! You don’t need to develop courage, you need to give up fear, and let your courage guide you.

Psychic or Intuitive – Don’t Run – Learn

I know the word brings fear to Christians. The fear is unwarranted to some degree. I always suggest approaching things, on the side of caution. There are many people out there who call themselves “psychic”. Just as in the case of anything- or where there are many apples-there are always some bad apples. I look to the bible for understanding and many can pull and sight passages, in the bible to contradict what I am to say: Angels have throughout all biblical history, brought messages to the earth. Angles are referenced as helpers for people on earth. The utilization of angelic advice by Christians is well documented. If Joseph had not heard from an angel Jesus would have been born out of wedlock and never revered as our Lord and Savior. The Sheppard in the field would not have known of Jesus’ birth. Yes, the lowly Sheppard saw and heard the voice of an angel. The heavens are full of angels, waiting for anyone to call them for assistance. You can become so good at calling angels, miracles can happen before your eyes.

Finding Your Passion Is Closely Related to Your Most Natural Energy

Did you know that finding your passion is very closely related to your most natural positive energy? After all, how can you live with passion if you’re in a negative space… so, how do you find your most natural positive energy?

The Shocking Truth About Problems

In any walk of life we encounter problems. They can be directional. They can be emotional. They can be physical. Or they can be financial. Or worse, problems can be imagined.

10 Things To Do In The Next 30 Days To Turn Your Financial Thermostat Up

Confidence comes from a point of understanding something and personal finance is not something you get taught in schools so how do you find out more about it? First you have to believe it is as vitally important as learning how to read and write because without it when you reach the age of 18 you will become the world’s number one target for credit.They like it that way because they are going to lure you in and keep you in debt for as long as possible while you sit there paying them interest. The smarter choice is to get educated and the faster the better

Do You Play the Blame Game?

Have you ever had a day that turns into a day of playing the “Blame Game?” What do I mean by that?

4 Choices For Learning The Guitar – What’s The Best Way To Learn The Guitar?

For most of us, learning the guitar can be something that has been on our “to do” list, but may have just never gotten around to it. Well, it’s never to late to learn the guitar as long as you have the desire to do so.

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