Morning Stretch Routine ☀️ 20 min easy relaxing full body stretches

Don’t Let Fear Stop You From New Opportunities

There exists no worst enemy in human nature than fear. It affects all aspects in our lives. From political ideas to religion, from traditional business opportunity to new trends in industries such as home base business. Fear has stopped many great ideas to come alive. Fear manifestation is best when change is involved.

Achieve Personal and Spiritual Growth in 5 Easy Steps

For ages, the most personally and spiritually enlightened people pursued personal growth to get to understand better who they were, what their purpose was, and how they could live a happy and fulfilled life. Personal and spiritual enlightenment is not a means to an end.

Is Technology Making Social Anxiety Worse?

I love video games, I love my computer, and I love my flat screen, but I find myself wondering sometimes if technology is making social anxiety worse. Has the convenience that technology has given to us also hindered us from overcoming social anxiety as a whole? Has technology made overcoming social anxiety even more difficult by placing a virtual barrier between human interaction and physical contact?

My Life, Your Life, Where Is the Answer?

Where do I want to go with my life? This is a question I have asked myself, not once, but many times. I think everyone at one time or another has asked that question of themselves.

Decision Making Process: Cutting Off Alternatives

The first step is defining the problem, issues, situations or challenges which had brought about the need for a decision making process. The next one is collecting relevant facts, figures and statistics to facilitate and support the decision-making process.

What Is Mindset Immunity?

People often ask me: What the heck is mindset immunity? Mindset immunity is much like the immune system that we have in our body. It works in a similar way.

Organize Your Life – Get More Out of Your Day

Most of us lead a hectic lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how organize your life better and get more out of your day?

A Woman in Transition – From What to What?

Changes can be rough patches in our lives but the reward is the stronger you. We are all different and we each have our own unique style for navigating through the changes life presents us. As a woman of a certain age you have survived a myriad of different circumstances in your life; the kind that were planned and the kind that were not. But change can also be a time for adventure and exploration; a time for unearthing some of those long lost dreams you once had no time for and to finally making them a reality.

Scars – Living With a Permanent Reminder

Every day billions of people wake up to the constant reminder of some old injury or illness. For some that means daily aches or pains, but for others, it also changes the way that we think others are viewing us.

Who Is Your Teacher?

What teacher has impacted you most in your life? Have you ever noticed that some of the greatest lessons in life come from the most unexpected sources? It is amazing how the universe brings things together when you are ready to learn a new lesson.

Some Useful Things That You Can Do While Commuting

The way to work and on your way home might not necessarily be bad. While you are waiting for the train, or bus, you can learn a lot during this time. I usually bring a book, or download some in the iPod.

Using the Law of Relativity to Change Your Way of Thought

When you are feeling down, and nothing good is going your way, and it seems the whole world is falling apart around you, remember that those feelings begin with thoughts. Negative thoughts attract negative circumstances. By law, the circumstances of our lives are first created spiritually before taking on physical form. The result is the mirrored reflection of the thought. There is a way to stop this destructive creation of negativity: that is to change the negative thought through the law of relativity.

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