Morning Meditation with Powerful I AM Affirmations to Start Your Day

Managing Your ‘Sensitivity’ In a Turbulent World

Being “sensitive” can be both a blessing and a burden, particularly in our rather turbulent world. Fortunately, moving comfortably with your sensitivity requires just a few simple skills… and a better understanding of what that sensitivity is and is “not” for.

The Chilean Miners Have a Life Changing Story – But What About Those of Us Who Don’t?

Like the recently rescued Chilean miners, many people have a dramatic, life-changing story which forms the touchstone for their lives from that event onward. But most people don’t have such dramatic stories. Many of us live in the “mediocre zone”. What is the defining story around which we navigate our lives?

Get Unstuck By Finding Your Purpose

Have you been asking yourself, “What am I here for?” all of your life – or at least a good portion of it? I was meeting with a coaching client the other day and she said, “I am 58 years old and I still don’t know what my purpose is.” I understand that. I also understand that at sometime or another almost all of us will wonder what life is all about and what our own purpose is. That is part of being human. There are lots of books, articles, speeches, etc. telling you how to find your purpose but it still seems elusive. I suspect that most of us really know deep in our hearts what our purpose is but we have trouble digging it out.

The Challenge to Succeed

No matter what situation we find ourselves in I believe that within each of us is the challenge to succeed. For me, I was the oldest of 9 children, which meant there were not a lot of extras, but I never lacked. Our family was poor by the world’s standards, but we were rich.

Ok, So What Do You WANT To Do?

I get so many coaching clients who are unhappy in their jobs. They are afraid to try to change jobs because of the economy. Some have spent years in specialized schools preparing for their job only to find out that it is not what they expected or that they just don’t like (can’t stand) it. Some are out of a job and want to know how to change career fields because they didn’t like what they had been doing and they figure being unemployed is a good time for a career switch. What can you do when you just don’t like your job?

Volunteer For the Health of It

I have just spent half of the day volunteering my coaching services to a professional organization. I was helping young MBAs make important career and life decisions. It was exhilarating. Now, I get it that I love coaching and that I get a huge charge from doing it but this was even better because I knew I was giving something back to my community. I have no doubt that what I did was a good thing and that it will positively affect some of the lives I touched today. Who knows, maybe it will even go beyond them and touch others. That would be awesome!

Get Unstuck From Your Own Self-Interest

Just what is self-interest? Simply put it is focus on oneself. It is different from self-esteem which is how a person feels about himself. Self-interest is putting your self first. Is that always a negative thing?

Is It Serenity?

At fifty-five years of age, I am well aware that a lot more than half my life has been lived. I find myself bemused by this fact, as well as interested in the process of aging as a whole, because this “being a person of age” isn’t quite what I expected.

The Parable of the 2×4

When I write the story of my life I would like to give it the title – “The Parable of the 2 x 4”. In order to understand why let me share with you a story about a farmer and his mule. The originator of the story is unknown and I have seen several versions on the Internet so I will write how I remember it.

Knowledge of Love

The way out is to go inward. Love is the key and embraces all the answers we seek. The road to love starts with the love we have for ourselves.

How Come People Have Such Opposite Viewpoints on Just About Everything? – The Little Prince Series

Do you ever get into a discussion with another person, or a group of people, and suddenly realize you have a completely different take on what you are discussing from that of the other party? In some cases people get to arguing over differences, then someone lashes out with their fists, or pulls out a knife or gun, and a tragedy results. They got so heated in their opinion that they “lost it.”

What Is Neuroplasticity?

If you have ever asked the question “what is neuroplasticity?”, you will have received some type of response like, “Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to rewire itself”. Although this definition is somewhat true, it does not explain why the brains ability to rewire is actually important.

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