Morning Meditation with Affirmations for a Productive Day

Does History Repeat Itself, or Are We The History That Refuses to Change?

Do you want to live like Nelson Mandela? Our thoughts create our reality. Everything hinges on what we do with our lives. The technologies we invent like surgery, chemotherapy, airplanes, guns, Internet, the iPad and the smart phones. The life styles we choose. The food we eat. The houses we build and choose to live in. The values we embrace, and so forth. The way we think has everything to do with where we are.

What Mum Didn’t Tell You About Being A Better Person, Starting Right Now!

Do you want to be a better person but don’t really know where, or how to start? It is easier than you think and there are a number of things you can do to get started. Do something nice today to make yourself, and others feel better. Here are some suggestions that you can get started with right away!

Letting Go Of Habits

We all walk through life differently, seeking different options and looking in different directions, but there is one thing we are all the same at and that is how we believe in ourselves plays a huge role in our success as a person. In letting go of old habits we are releasing something that is not only old, but no longer a part of us.

Accepting Yourself For Who You Are

When we go through life sometimes we create an idea of ourselves, one which may not correlate to who we truly are, but only fits with what we think we are. There can be an imbalance between the two, that one outweighs the other.

Accepting Change Without Fear

When change occurs we often feel a little frightened and threatened because we do not fully know the outcome of events, where we will fit in, or even how best to relate to it because it is all new. Fear of change is a hindrance in many people’s lives and it is not real, for in reality change is a constant; it is forever with us and can not be controlled.

Opening Up To Inspiration

We are all meant for something; that is what is real in life. When this thing we are meant for is not part of us, not with us, that is when we are at a loss in life, in our careers, and in our personal lives. All of this is connected, for when we connect to what we are meant for, where we are meant to be, and in the end who we are meant to be with, that is truth.

Six Advantages of Renewing Your Life

Be refreshed, revitalized and back on purpose. I have since begun to create information for those who desire become an heir with the Lord, Jesus Christ. We remember His sacrifices. Grow as we read the words of Jesus, our Savior.

Inspired Action – Law of Attraction in Action

How does one know when the impulse to act comes from inspiration? There are those of us who leap to action at the slightest provocation.

The First Move

We have to make the first move in our relationships, in our work, in our communities. We can’t wait for opportunities to be dropped in our laps. We can’t wait for someone to come to us and want to make amends first. We can’t wait for the manager to tell us how great we are doing and promote us.

The 3 Things You Can Do To Discover Your True Self

There are many things you can do to achieve a higher state of self-awareness. The three most commonly used by anyone starting out on the path of self-improvement and self-development are meditation, journaling, and traveling alone.

Pessimistic? Negative? Or Just a Critical Thinker?

Despite what people tell you, seeing the glass as half empty is not how you prepare yourself for potential challenges or barriers that block your progress. The ‘half-empty’ perspective asks you to entertain negative thoughts, a pessimistic attitude and an angry frightened view of the world.

Personal Development For The Internet Marketer

A lot of people don’t understand the benefits of personal development for internet marketing. Most newcomers to the internet marketing field think that it’s easy money, and once they realize it isn’t, they drop out of the industry and stop their endeavors. The majority of internet marketers fail, but that small minority that does succeed has a strong inner self or inner confidence. Some have been naturally confident all their lives while others had to improve their mindset through countless self-learning or even through personal development products. Regardless of which path these people took, they knew that they had to keep working towards their goals to find success in internet marketing.

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