Morning Meditation to Find That Inner Stillness

The Unfamiliar Side of Facebook: How Can You Self-Improve, Develop and Grow While Using Facebook?

Your enthusiasm and “addiction” to Facebook might be based on receiving attention, love and appreciation you don’t get “in the real world”. It may say something about your needs and “how you view yourself” as a person. If you are motivated to figure out what it all mean about “who you are”, you can use your time and interactions on Facebook to learn more about yourself and expand your Self-Growth and Development.

How To Overcome Difficulties Of Making Changes Just For You

When you want to change something in your life it is highly likely that other people will be affected by what you do. Sometimes it is because of their perceived reactions to what you decide to do which stops you actually taking the action you know you must take if you want to achieve your personal goals. It’s a catch twenty-two situation.

A New and Better Philosophy to Live By

Realitarianism is a new way to look at life and love. A realistic, logical and applicable way to go through life without making the same mistakes as everyone else. Read this and try it out.

How to Create a Life Like No Other

Just because you like it does not mean you have to buy it or do it. Whatever you buy or do has to be like you. Create a life like no other.

How to Avoid Over-Stretching Your Life to Improve Everything

Humans do not seem to understand the power of less. Or the importance of thinking before acting. Perhaps it is time that humans re-worked their methods and goals to improve their lives and their loves.

Save the World – Attracting Love With a Subliminal Mp3

Are you looking for ways of attracting love with a subliminal mp3? Read on to find out how helpful this can be…

Replacing Bad Habits With Good Ones

We’ve all heard the saying. “if you are going to talk the talk, you are going to have to walk the walk.” This is a very true statement! Most all of us want to achieve some sort of success in our lives, but seldom do we do the work involved to make it happen.

Our Minds and Body Are Connected

Evolving to our higher selves means balancing our most important senses, mind, body, soul and spirit. Our thoughts play an important role in achieving the life we desire.

Shrinky’s Guide to Procrastination: The Tyrant and the Rebel

If you’ve been paying attention to current events, you’ve noticed that wherever there is a tyrant, sooner or later you find a rebel. Believe it or not, if you have a problem with procrastination, you’ve got a tyrant and a rebel inside of you. That is the cause of your difficulty with getting things done.

What Are You Tolerating?

Many entrepreneurs go about their busy day, typically doing some of the exact same things that they were doing the day before- the week before – and even the year before. Most of us do not even operate on a conscious level.

Why Your Wishful Thinking Is Not Paying Off

The single most important step in making a difference to your life is seeing clearly what your next action is going to be and clearly seeing and feeling yourself do it. The universe will send opportunity your way but the miracles of life only seem like miracles in hindsight,because the steps seemed pretty mundane at the time but there were those perfect synchronisations that seem to make everything just fall into place and when you think back as to how if any of these things were missing no way could you have accomplished what you did. A miracle that does the…

Cognitive Therapy Made Easy

Cognitive therapy is now one of the major influential practices in the field of counselling and therapy. A couple of decades ago it was the norm for therapists to listen to their clients dreams for hours on end and make them look at blotches of spilt ink and cultivate some sort of meaning from them! Today, most members of the psychological community would consider this to be absurd.

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