Morning Meditation to Embrace Another Beautiful Day

Reduce the Chance of Getting Rejected

If you’re a guy and you invited a girl out on a fancy dinner date, you always do you best to impress her with how good you look and how you interact with her. To some, winning a girl’s heart is a challenge. It’s not even a walk in a park.

Making the Best of What Is

You can do more if you do not fully depend on what is. You are not 100% dependent on the world. Whatever you have when you close your eyes is always yours. You may learn to think slow means go (and freedom).

The Crazymaking Trap: Proving Your Worth Over and Over

Are you stuck in a trap trying over and over to prove your worth? Are you stuck making another person your Higher Power? You CAN get out of this crazymaking trap!

Automatic Negative Thoughts and You

An exercise to help you discover those Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS) that are holding you back. You can begin to take your life to the next level.

Raw Success

I had an experience today. THIS is why I am willing to change, to do what it takes, to grow myself up to match all the new energy Raw is bringing in. THIS is what I was longing for before I even found Raw. The fast-paced transformation I have been riding recently was to get AWAY from the body/mind/spirit pain box I had created, and perhaps more importantly (at least now that I feel so good, ha ha!!!) it was to get TOWARDS moments like I had today.

Simple Things – Paths To Serenity

Here are some simple things we can do to find serenity and happiness from within as opposed to searching for outward paths to the same goal. Don’t make countless lists with goals that are impossible to achieve. Simplify them and make them fun and do-able.

Facebook Branding: Why You Need to Stop Lying About Your Image

You are branding yourself, even now. We often want for others to see us in a different light than our reality presents itself. But the irony in this desired perception is that we’re actually giving others the content by which we are judged. And it’s right here in our faces or better yet in our Facebook…

How Can Accelerated Learning Help Us With Our Careers?

In this fast changing society, everyone else is probably struggling to keep in touch with what’s the latest. Seeing old friends and talking about the latest news and you’re sitting there and has nothing else to say. Big companies hiring for a position that you always wanted and you simply could not relate with the interview questions about the latest trends in technology and the whole economy.

Are You Hitting The Snooze Button In Your Life?

You are sleeping very soundly and comfortably in your bed. All the sudden, a loud ringing sound is activated and you slowly drag yourself out of the bed.

Comparing Yourself To Others and The Meaning of Life Which Is To Be Happy

Do you compare yourself to others and make yourself happy or sad that way? There is no need to compare yourself with others. In fact, doing so can be a detriment to your health. Here is a better way to have your life and meaning therein.

Have Fun Doing Things You Don’t Like

Life is full of choices, you can choose what to do and enjoy it or you can chose to enjoy what you need to do. Find a way to have more fun. Find a way to be more playful. There is always an opportunity to be creative and explore new ways to have fun.

5 New Year Resolutions That Can All Be Accomplished Just By Making 1 Resolution

With the start of a New Year, many people like to better themselves and often make a resolution for change. There is 1 resolution, however, that if you can accomplish, will change your life for the better thereby satisfying 5 other resolutions. The change is so amazing that you will notice a difference in both the professional and personal sides of your life.

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