Morning Meditation That will Positively affect your day today

Look Within for the Changes You Want

Three key factors to making changes. These changes are the crux of your happiness. Mental exercising are the beginning steps…

The Intensity of My Emotion

My emotional intelligence requires more awareness than whether I feel positive or negative. Rating the intensity of my emotional polarity on a scale of 1-10 is useful, but not highly intuitive. When my emotional energy is negatively below 5, I may not have enough power to actually do the exercise. Intelligently naming the emotional intensity of personal energy has been the study of psychology for many years, in a quest to make people less miserable.

Telling Your Story Through Memoir

When many of my clients approach retirement, they find themselves reflecting on their lives or on certain parts of their lives. This reflection usually leads at some point to thoughts of memoir-specifically, thoughts of whether they can or should attempt writing one.

KISS That Frog!

Are you one of the 25 to 50 percent of people reporting feeling overwhelmed or burned out at work? Do you find you are working for more hours than the dollars you earn and end up like a circus performer trying to keep all your spinning plates in the air at once?

Your Self-Image Is Key To Creating Your Life

Your self-image is the image you hold of yourself. It plays a huge part in the way you do things, and the results that you are getting. The interesting part of this, is the fact when you were born you never had a self-image. Your self-image…

The Power of Pain

Often times while shopping for food or just walking around, I look at others and wonder…hmm, what’s their story? After all, everyone has a story.

Five Reasons to Learn Astral Projection

Astral projection allows a person to travel outside of his or her body, through a totally different realm! Believe it or not, you don’t need to have any kind of superhuman abilities to have an astral projection. Absolutely anyone can learn astral projection if they are willing to understand how it works and take the time to develop and practice this ability.

The Higher You Climb, The More You See

The higher you climb, the more you see. The more you see, the greater the number of possibilities you create to be able to invent and live a life you love. Climbing means becoming less judgmental, more open, more aware and more responsive. To live a life you love, expand what you see, consider and accept. Climb to change the view.

Why Business Meetings Are Painful, Boring and Unproductive

Part of the process of doing business involves the tedium of attending meetings. You have to go through the ritual of attending to get the job done. Many people believe that meetings are bad in every company so it’s just the way it works in business.

Top 10 Reasons You GROW at the Office, But Not the Way You Want To

Around the office, you hear the word “GROWTH” a lot. From company growth, to sales growth, department growth, the list goes on. What I’ve noticed about the word “GROWTH” is that employees take it “literally”. Read more to find out the top 10 reasons your waistline grows in the office an how to avoid that problem.

Vision 2012

If you are vision oriented, your goals will tend to steer you in the direction you want to go. By breaking the vision into smaller goals, it becomes more manageable. The goals will point you toward the finish line.

Why You Have To Stop Waiting For Life To Begin

We sometimes go through life in a dream-like state, never really connecting or being who we truly are. It is as if we are waiting for ourselves to begin or for our life to take form. It is this constant waiting that prevents us from taking the center stage in our life. The waiting for the right moment, for things to get better, or change, where does this get us

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