Morning Meditation ~ I Choose to Feel Great

Walking In The Supernatural

Having the power of God should be a dire desire in the hearts of true believers. This desire will usher anyone into walking in the supernatural by conscious surrender to the call of God. To desire this experience is one thing and having the willingness to pay the price that will put you in this position is another. This article seeks to address the keys that will make a profound difference.

Ways to Deal With Overcoming Your Perfectionism

How many times have you heard people discussing perfectionism? When describing a person who is a perfectionist, most people will characterize this trait as great. When you think about it, perfectionists are meticulous; they pay a great deal of attention to every single of their tasks trying to turn everything around them into a pure perfection. If being a perfectionist is such a good thing, how come the article title suggests that this trait should be overcome?

So What Is Codependency?

Most of us are codependent in some ways. However, if you find that your relationships feel you less than fulfilled, or worse–drained as well as baffled, you might be suffering from hidden codependency issues. This article will help you decide whether or not you may be one who thinks in a skewed codependent way. It’s never about our partner. Its always about us.

The Heart: Why Is It Hard To Listen To Our Heart?

In today’s world the primary focus is on the intelligence and knowledge of the ego mind; the heart is often ignored and dismissed. It’s only in the recent years that it has been considered by the mainstream as anything other than just an organ. So here I will give my current opinion on why the heart has been largely ignored in the today’s world.

The Most Loving Act – Part 1

I will be travelling to Europe with my father in a few weeks. We both love to travel and it will be a trip that revisits places very dear to both of us. My dad is now 82 and traveling together is a precious and, like everything else, time-limited.

Seek the Truth

What does the title of this article mean to you? What does seeking the truth encapsulate as a concept? I must confess the original title for this article was actually Speak the Truth. Upon reflection I felt it was more important to discuss seeking the truth, so the name was changed. To me the truth represents that which is true to YOU. In a number of recent articles and video blogs, I’ve spoken at length about unconscious programmes and beliefs which obscure the truth from revealing itself.

Living Up To What Momma Said

“Change is a part of life. You have to take the good with the bad and go on,” Momma said. What she did not say is that when life’s changes crash in on you, it isn’t so easy.

Lost in Reality

Finding my reality requires me to stop being lost. When I am lost in space & time, I have lost my true reality.

Overcoming Instead of Succumbing

Doubt is a definite virus, and if you feed it, it tends to grow. It can make you cower, it can stop you in your tracks, and it honestly can shake you to your core. For the longest time, I had this cloud of doubt looming, yet I continued to avoid it or ignore it. That’s the thing though. When there is a mess, it is so easy to just sweep it under the rug and pretend it does not exist. Guess what? The mess is still there…

Determining Our Reality

We can determine our realities by our perspectives and by what we choose to focus on. This has been demonstrated by optical illusions that present two entirely different images. What we focus on determines how the entire picture looks, and shifting our focus can change the entire perspective.

Engaging the Vibrant Now

We were doing an exercise at the TEI Arizona intensive. We were witnessing each other’s magnificence.

Allowing Gratitude

Have you ever found it difficult to accept someone’s expression of gratitude? It’s not that uncommon, so don’t go beating yourself up about it.

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