Morning Meditation for Raising Your Vibration

How to Consciously Create Your Life

Our thoughts create. When we believe something to be true, we send a strong energetic “signal” out into the universe, which attracts more of that vibration, bringing it back to us. Every thought we think is based on our predominant beliefs, conscious or unconscious. Becoming aware in the present moment is one of the most significant shifts we can make to transform our lives, individually and collectively. To understand why things are happening the way they are on the outside, as life events, go within and take a look at what thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of being are predominant in your life. There will be a correlation. The inner creates the outer.

Clothes Make the (Employed) Man

We’ve all heard the phrase “clothes make the man.” What does that mean, exactly? Simply stated, dress like a million bucks, and people will think you are worth it…

Big and Tall – Solved and Solved!

For men who are 6′ tall and weigh 165-170 lbs, with a perfect 38R or 40R torso frame, off the rack clothes shopping can be a cinch. Stand 6’8″, or weigh 285 lbs, however, and it’s a bit tricky. Average sizing – which includes a 16″ neck, 34/35 sleeves, 30″-34″ waist, 30″-32″ inseam, and a 38-42 jacket – simply does not apply.

Tips for Being Courageous When You Are Most Fearful

I can do more! What do you think when a task is given to you? Some tips will make you a better thinker and make you able to do more than before. Target boards are what archers, shooters and even darts hit all the time.

Security, Confidence and Faith Promotes Happiness in Life

True happiness comes from within yourself, and is usually acquired after you have developed your levels of confidence and security and have a strong faith in God. The beginning of security is learning to laugh at yourself, realizing that no one, including yourself, is perfect. As the age-old saying goes: If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? I find that the ability to joke and laugh about my own flaws, shortcomings or “blonde moments” enhances my confidence and my own self esteem. It’s my way of informing those around me that 1) I’m not perfect, 2) I make mistakes and last but definitely not least 3) I love and accept myself for who I am.

Don’t Be Misled By The Misinformed

“I don’t like salespeople. They’re not honest.” “They’re like snake-charmers. You have to be careful.” “I don’t like anyone trying to sell me anything.” Do these quotes sound familiar? You could probably add a few hundred to the list yourself. The ironic part is…you & I have been “selling” ourselves all of our lives to those we know, love and commune with and none of those negative sentiments apply…right? Well…let’s hope not.

5 Elements of Success

Dreams are not just meant for the night-time hours. They are not subconscious fairy tales. They are meant for LIFE, true, authentic abundant life for you and everyone around you! They are your destiny and they are purposed for positive change. Don’t dismiss them. Don’t forsake or reject them. Own them, live them!!!

Break Bad Habits – Having Trouble Breaking a Bad Habit? Use These 5 Steps From a 6 Year Old

Trying to kick a bad habit but find yourself ending up right back where you started? Whether it’s a physical or a mental habit you can follow these 5 steps used by my daughter Alexandria when she was 6 years old to quit her finger-sucking habit.

Stress Management Techniques – My Experience of Mindfulness in Very Tough Times

A while ago my fortunes changed and I was not working and experiencing a very hard time financially with all the obvious pressures associated with that. I became exhausted and completely run down. I found it hard to control my thoughts. I would often wake up in the early hours of the morning with extremely negative thoughts. By morning I was exhausted. And so the cycle repeated itself for a number of days. Thankfully I was aware of mindfulness practise and doing it fairly regularly so I knew what to do – I just needed to do more of it and I especially needed to find a strategy that I could use more or less automatically in the early hours of the morning.

Stress Management Techniques For Tough Times – This Too Will Pass

I want to introduce you to one of the very simplest yet most effective stress management techniques for tough times that I discovered some years ago, but first I want to tell you a story. There is a story about a king who sought wisdom. He searched all over his kingdom for wisdom and did not find it. Eventually he heard of a man living in a remote part of the kingdom who had a reputation for great wisdom.

What Others Need

It is great to have someone to go and talk to anytime; however, we need to take a look at ourselves to be sure we aren’t too focused on our needs all the time and we take time to see what others need. We need to be a person who is willing to listen.

You Have to Move to Grow

Too many of us are seminar hoppers. We go from meeting to meeting seeking change but never acting on what we hear. We have to MOVE if we want to see change in our lives.

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