Morning Meditation For Positive Outcomes!

Getting Better Is the Name of the Game

This past weekend, six outstanding NFL players were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. One of the inductees, Curtis Martin, made a comment in his induction speech I thought was both telling and instructive. Curtis said, and I’m paraphrasing, “I wasn’t better or blessed with more talent than my teammates – I just worked harder.” We have a tendency when we look at people at the top of their game, whether it’s an industry leader, a political figure, an entertainer or an athlete, and assume they’re where they are because of their “genius” or their “talent,” or because of “raw ability.” The truth, however, is that each of those attributes has to be developed, and then applied.

How to Keep Motivated And Cope With Life When It All Falls Apart – Don’t Give Up

Sometimes everything in life just goes wrong. It all becomes too much for you. This article will help you feel better about your life although you may be in a dark place at the moment. This article with provide a flicker of light and bring some solace.

How Often Do You Brush Your Teeth?

I have really been contemplating our personal habits and what we do daily! I started thinking about what our teeth would look like if we only brushed them once a week, or once a month – YUCKY ICKY POOF!!!! Then I naturally started migrating that thought to our inner self and our mind talk and if we only paid attention to our attitude once a week… mmm, the rot would set in wouldn’t it? I am totally immersed in the immense power of our inner beliefs.

Want To Succeed? Focus on Value Given First

What is your primary goal in your life? Be honest, describe it and do it exactly, fully, totally and completely!!

College Students – Do You Bother To Guard Your Heart Anymore?

College students are taught many things. Did anyone take the time to teach them how to guard your heart. Look at three areas where it is very important to do this.

How to Grow As a Person

It can be difficult to face ups and downs in our life but we need to take this as a challenge. Self Growth can be achieved if each person realizes how essential to achieve life’s success.

Functioning at Your Best

All of us have a “prime time” in the day. It’s that time when you feel good, focused and productive. For some, it’s early morning, while for others it’s later in the day or evening. The idea is to understand the time you function at your best and schedule your daily routine around your energy cycles.

Waiting On The World to Change

I often think about the incredible power of the mind. The expression “Mind over matter” is more than just an idle cliche. If we understood a quarter of how powerful our thoughts are we’d all go running for help.

Achieve More In Less Time

Sounds strange doesn’t it achieve more in less time. But it’s true. Before I explain why let me first ask you some simple questions. Do you find yourself so caught up with the pace of modern day life that you cannot get everything done? Do you find yourself constantly putting off things because you just cannot find the time? And what about the lack of progress you are making with your own personal development is that too falling behind?

Life at the Top Ain’t What You Think – How to Start Living With Purpose

I had a chance meeting with All Blacks Second Five-Eighth, Ma’a Nonu and he invited me to sit down for a chat. We talked about his highs and lows and how to move forward when the high life gets tough.

Why Some People Don’t Know Who They Are

Have you ever watched someone struggle with answering a simple open ended statement such as, “Tell me about yourself”? They seem to get lost often looking like a deer caught in the headlights and respond with confusion, “Well, what do you mean?” Or “What do you want to know?” Occasionally they may even give with overly generic statements that by the end you still have no idea who this person is in front of you. Their struggle is not because they don’t know how to answer as much as it is because they really don’t know who they are and how they fit in with society.

Cognitive Therapy Online

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT is a process that involves using a wide-range of effective techniques to allow a person to analyze thoughts and behaviors that cause mental and emotional disorders. Cognitive is our ability to process information to acquire knowledge by using our skills such as reasoning, intuition, and perceptions to a higher level.

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