Morning Meditation for Inner Strength

Finding Inner Peace Through Practical Spirituality

In the cave in India, where Sri Ramana Maharshi used to meditate, I found my truth. Filled with blue light and completely cool in a space that was humid and more than a hundred degrees, I was shown the sanskara (internal patterns of thoughts and behaviors) that prevented me from awakening in this life in such detail that I was able to let go. By seeing my life as it was, in contrast to the world of Maya (sustained ilussion), and by seeing that most of my difficulties had come from doing what was right instead of wrong, I realized I was worthy to be free. I also knew that I would carry that energy into the world with me.

On Giving Up

Never quitting anything is not necessarily a good idea. There are things we must never quit, but there are also things that we must quit. A lot of what we do, or whether we quit doing something must be based on principles: things that work best every time. Additionally, it is not wise to do something only because we don’t want to be branded a quitter.

Four Stages Of Emotional Maturity

People live in one of four stages of emotional maturity: survival (fear-based living); security (duty-based living), success (ego-based living) and serenity (love/trust-based living). My purpose in this article is to describe some of the major characteristics of each of these ways of living and, ultimately, help you understand the practices of highly functioning, self-actualized people.

Step by Step Guide on How to Become a Better Listener

To be a good listener, people need to feel as though they are being listened to. And this is something you can’t fake. The more sensitive the person is, the greater the likelihood that they will know if you are being genuine with them or not. Conversely, if they are equivalent of a D flat on the evolutionary scale, then they may be happily oblivious to any wrong doings. But then ask yourself, are you really likely to find yourself engaged in such conversation anyway? Probably not.

Adult Tantrums, Children in Adult Bodies

I will tell you a true story of a man that I took out of state to help me do some work on a property that I owned. He was a relative of another friend that I also took with me, and that friend asked if I could take this man with us but that I would need to get permission from his parole officer since he just got released from a level 3 security prison just a week earlier.

Perfect Intuition, What Prevents It And How To Get It

Intuition is basically information about what is going to happen, which has nothing to do with what you want to happen in your life or at the moment. What blocks you from hearing the voice of perfect intuition is your ego and your desires. If you are trying to hear your intuition, but you have a desire for things to go a certain way, then you will never know if the thoughts in your head are from pure intuition or your own wishful thinking.

Going Through The Challenges And Uncertainties Of Life

You know what they say, everyone is born differently one way or the other. Some people are born with great abundance in terms of financial and material riches while others are born with major life struggles.

Self Sabotage: What Is Self Sabotage?

There is something that is known as self sabotage and what this actually means may not be clear to many people. So let’s look at what the word sabotage means first. On the website sabotage is described as: any underhand interference with production, work, etc., in a plant, factory, etc., as by enemy agents during wartime or by employees during a trade dispute. And as – any undermining of a cause.

9 Steps Towards Assertive Behaviour

A win-win approach is an example of assertiveness. The goal of assertive behaviour goes much beyond just speaking for one’s own rights. One should be able to create an urge to listen in the mind of the other person. We need to respect our own rights and also the feelings and sentiments of others. The Golden rule is to speak to others in a way they wish to be spoken to. Dr. Stephen Covey in his famous book ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ said that we should try to understand the emotions behind words spoken by others.

Success and Intelligence: False Causes, True Causes

Many ideas about the causes of intelligence and success are wrong. This is as much the case for those who have negative outlook as it is for those who believe that they are positive. There have been times and places in which having a brain was equated with cynicism and skepticism; or in which intelligence was equated with being morose.

The Joyful Creator’s Law of Attraction Toolbox

You are a creator born into your physical body to create. Whether by default or consciously, you are creating every minute of every day. If you want to be a powerful, conscious creator, who manifests dreams into reality every time, you need powerful, effective tools in your toolbox.

Are Ivy League Colleges Really Worth the Money?

Ivy League, Harvard, Yale, Princeton – What many aspire for but few will obtain. While there are many different variables to deciding which college or university to attend, if you are aspiring to be an Ivy League graduate, you may be wondering if the school’s tuition cost is really worth the money it is going to take to make it to graduation.

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