Morning Meditation as you Awake for the Day

The Power of Focus With Commitment and Consistency

The power of focus with commitment and consistency creates momentum; and momentum creates more momentum. The actions we take in life not only bring success but also teaches us new ways of being in the world. For example, if we are expanding ourselves to grow our business, receive and be open to love, create a deeper level of intimacy in all areas of our life, we become more courageous.

Positive Mental Attitude and Knowledge Are the Perfect Team

No matter how positive your mental attitude is, how confident do you feel if you are asked to do something you have no knowledge or training for? I wouldn’t be surprised if your self-confidence left you. You can have more self-confidence in your ability to learn how to fly than anyone in a room full of people, but if they all have the know-how to fly an airplane and you don’t, who do you want to land that plane?

Positive Attitude Is Great, But You Need More

You’ve heard this: All you need is some positive thinking. Once you have that then you’ll be able to do anything you want. If you truly believe that’s all you need, then you are sadly mistaken.

7 Most Valuable Tips I Got From The Ultimate Edge by Tony Robbins

Anthony (Tony) Robbins needs no introduction for most of the people around the world. Tony has changed lives of millions of people over 3 decades including Hollywood stars, world renowned athletes, Presidents of countries. He is a person who went from most humble beginnings to earning millions of dollars due to his passion to help people achieve their full potential.

Your Feelings Are Your Own

Because feelings just seem to come out of nowhere, you might think that you have no choice in how you feel. The truth is you have choice, but you first have to be able to recognize that you can produce and change your anger, sadness and happiness.

Immunity to Change – Why Is Personal Change So Difficult?

The inherent assumption in most training and work-related attempts at encouraging personal change is that it is skills based, in other words people can be taught to change. They can be taught, but generally they won’t change. They can’t change and according to Professor Robert Kegan this is because of their inbuilt and invisible immunity (or resistance) to change.

Find Identity Fulfillment Through Courage and Humility

You have, not just one identity, but many. In any one day you may take on the identities of a spouse, a chef, a parent, an instructor, a plumber, a bookkeeper, and a driver. On Saturday morning you might assume the identity of a soccer coach. In fact, you change identities every time you do something different or new.

Are You Over Indulging Your Child With Possessions and Things?

One of the greatest wonders about children is that they have the innate ability to entertain themselves for long periods of time with simple things – a cardboard box, pots and pans, or plastic containers with lids. My daughter’s favorite one-year-old play activity was to stack the cans of soups, etc. into a tower as tall as herself. She engaged in this activity every day and was delighted with her achievement for a month or more before she tired of it. When she was five and up, she spent many hours building things with scrap wood and nails. Today, she is a highly skilled ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) expert.

Do You Really Do Self Development, Or Are You Simply Doing Shelf Development?

Self Development. I was watching a recording of a webinar recently and I loved one quote the speaker made, which was this: “Are you into Self Development or is it really Shelf Development”, first of all it made me laugh out loud and then it got me to thinking. I thought crickey…

Individuality – What Makes Us Different From Each Other

People are very different from each other. Individuality is what makes us different from each other. We think differently and we act differently on the same situation given we have our own experiences in the past.

Change Your Life – Coming Out of Your Physical Comfort Zone to Manifest Your Desires

Your comfort zone may be on different levels or a combination of levels. These levels may be on the physical, spiritual or mental plane or a combination of all three. Today, we’ll look at coming out of the physical comfort zone to manifest your desires in this article.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Claiming the Gifts of 2010 and Creating a Vision for 2011

So, how do you feel? Are you glad to see 2010 go? Are you looking forward to 2011 or dreading it? Or are you feeling a little of both?

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