Morning Meditation A Positive Start to Your Day ~ POWERFUL!

Letting Go of the Monsters in Your Life

Are you holding on to Monsters from your past? This article will show you how to let go of your Monsters and live a happier life.

10 Rules to Make Lady Luck Land You a Job Promotion

So how do you trick Lady Luck into believing that you are worth the trouble? Seems pretty heavy, but meaningless options can kill your spirit and send you spiraling to the bottomless pits of despair. The rules of the game are antagonizing and self-destructive

Confidence Sustains Performance

In all areas of life, people talk about how they can improve and sustain performance. How do we get better results and keep good results regularly coming? This is true for people in their personal lives and careers, businesses, sporting teams and so on.

Kill My Fear Today

Every since I made my list of fears I have encouraged friends to make their own ‘Top 10 List’ of fears. This way it becomes easy to strike out unfounded concerns.

What Is the Definition of Self Pity?

“Oh pity for me, I’m gonna go eat worms!” While this may not be the words you use, it is still the sentiment you have. And you need to quit it NOW. There are very few things more destructive than self pity. And it is an ailment that only you can resolve. Because only you truly know how often this attitude sways your thoughts and decisions.

The 9 Most Frequent Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

Is Borderline Personality Disorder affecting your private and professional life? Do you want to know more about the most frequent Symptoms associated with BPD? Read on to discover the nine most common manifestations of BPD! 1. Professional and lay opinions are talking about the most common feature of Borderline Personality Disorder, the fear of abandonment and punishment. These phobias have their roots in childhood or teenage years and stem from negative parent-child relationships characterized by abuse, coldness, rejection, or inconsistent parenting. If divorce comes along with these negative parenting styles, the possibility in the child to develop borderline personality in the young adult years becomes important.

What Beliefs Block Our Way?

When we are at a certain point in life we may feel we need to re-assess our priorities and shift gears in our work, relationships, or careers. If this is the case it is often useful to look at our unconscious beliefs to find what is preventing us proceeding further.

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Day With Meditation

Hello everybody. In this little article I will share with you 4 easy ways to meditate in order to improve your daily life. But before I do that, I will explain what, in my opinion, meditation is. For me, it is possible to meditate in the morning, afternoon, in the evening, at work, in school – in short: whenever, where ever.

You Are What You Read

I was 5 years old when I learned how to read. I started reading comics. It was easier because you can associate the words to the pictures drawn on each comic book panel.

Prison Break

The only way to be truly free is to accept your prison, be that in the society or in your own mind. In that acceptance, you have released your resistance. By releasing your resistance, you become free. Negative emotions and resistance is a denial of the objective reality of the situation and that is a resistance against truth, which means you are living in a lie. If you live in a lie, you can never find truth and therefore never be free.

Imagining Yourself Through Your WORDS! How Your Words Affect Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious is the part in your mind that doesn’t have the ability to think. Whatever the conscious mind impresses on it will be taken seriously whether it is right or wrong, good or bad. Most of the time we don’t pay attention to the words we use in our conversations, especially when we talk about ourselves.

Healing Secrets of the Pharaohs-Egyptian Healing Rods

For 3,000 years statues of the Pharaohs depicted them holding two rods. The Pharaohs used the rods to promote personal power, vitality, and spiritual development (to attune themselves to Cosmic Forces). They also understood the flow of energies in the human body and the importance of balancing these Yin and Yang (female and male) energies.

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