Morning Meditation ~ A Love Letter to Yourself

Help! I’m Stuck and I Can’t Get Out!

Are you feeling stuck and that you have no idea what to do next? Have you tried everything you know to no avail? Do you even know what you want to do once you have gotten unstuck? You have probably gotten yourself into a situation where you feel there is little hope and the outlook seems pretty bleak. You are probably frustrated and even angry sometimes.

Get Out of Your Bucket

How many of you have focused on a goal, worked hard to achieve that goal, only to have someone knock you down and say that you just weren’t good enough? We’ve all experienced those situations, whether you’re a student trying to get into professional school, an employee trying to climb up that corporate ladder, or an entrepreneur starting up your very first business.

Are You Living With Someone With Borderline Personality Disorder and Trying to Find Answers?

If you are Living with Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder it means that most probably you found this article because you were looking for answers for the difficulties and challenges in your relationship. Before getting into the answers, there are a few things you need to know about this mental disorder. They will help you implement better the tips presented in the second part of this article.

Elastic Footprints – When Do We Let It Go?

When was the last time you told yourself something that was totally unbelievable? Could you imagine what would happen if your body started to believe it? The fact is, it already does.

How Do I Find My Inner Wisdom? I Know It’s In Here Somewhere

Have you been told to listen to your Inner Wisdom or Higher Self but don’t know how? Here are some easy to follow steps to help you tune in to your Inner Wisdom so you can get clear on who you are, what you want and where you’re going.

Personal Development – Starting From Scratch

It has been said that your personal income will never outpace your personal development. Because so many people are struggling to make money on the Internet from a personal development standpoint many of us need to go back to the basics. Here are a few ideas on how you can put together a personal development program starting from scratch.

Over 60 – Do You Know Who You Are and What You Want in Your Last 20 Years? Your Time Is Here

Being over 60 years old is a fantastic opportunity to develop little used talents, to trust your inner-self, to reflect on how you have used your capabilities in the past, and to launch yourself into a magnificent adventure that stretches you, challenges you, and can teach you in ways you can’t even imagine today. Being over 60 and alive, alert, active and caring is about as best as life can get. Although being over 60 and having wealth could be better. But, even that is possible with drive, purpose, and developing an open mind to learning something new. I directed my drive and purpose into learning internet marketing which is challenging but can provide enormous personal growth benefits and income possibilities.

The Emotional Baggage Diet

Everybody’s Emotional Baggage is personal, individual and just as valid as the next persons. No ones is any worse or better – It is unique.

Overcoming The Anxiety of Public Speaking

Fear of public speaking is stronger than the fear of death for most people in our society.  This fear can have a serious negative impact on one’s career and it can fuel feelings of low self-esteem.

Excruciatingly NICE Or Tenderly KIND?

You’re nice and that’s great! Are you kind though? There is a subtle yet immense difference between being nice and being a kind person. So what’s the difference between the two? Let’s distinguish between being nice vs. being kind for some clarity.

Live Your Life

“I’m Living my life” answered famous movie actor Akshay Kumar when being asked about the ups and down of his career. I found his answer to be very deep and profound. Instead of sulking over ups and downs of life, he adopted a neutral stance.

Does The Ego Have A Mind Or Agenda Of Its Own? Can Ego Overpower Me And Sabotage My Experience?

Does the ego have an “agenda” of its own? Does it actually have a mind of its own so that we must bring it into submission lest it overpower us and sabotage our experience here? To begin to answer this question, we must first talk about what ego is and what it isn’t.

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