Morning Meditation ~ A Fresh Start to a Fresh Day

Imagination – Workshop of the Mind

Listed as the 5th step towards Riches in Think and Grow Rich, Hill says imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man. There are two types of Imagination: 1. Synthetic Imagination – old concepts, ideas, or plans are turned into new combinations. 2. Creative Imagination – method through which hunches, and inspirations are received and developed into something new. Most “new” products are the result of Synthetic Imagination, where something or things, are filter through the imagination and turned into something newer and different. It is through the imagination that a person looks at something tried or done before and turns it into something new. If you want the newest and hottest product look around you to see what is selling, really selling. Find a number of these items that can be related or combined into something new, something that would solve problems for people.

Can We Really Change?

You may have heard the maxim that ‘past behavior is the greatest predictor of future behavior – Well if that were genuinely true then I can’t help but feel we’d all be ruined! There was a kind of punctuation during a recent U2 concert where a pre-recorded video ran for a few minutes on the huge screens. The written messages in this video clip asked all manner of questions about life, existence, human nature, politics, etc – standard U2 stuff really – but the one question that kept leaping out at me was..

What Have You Done Today?

That may seem like quite a generic question, what have you done today? I’m sure you’d answer something like went to work, ate a nice lunch, went to the pub, played with the kids and a thousand other possibilities. Well I am now starting to ask myself that question; What have you done today Jeff?

Your Life Journey From Comfort to Possibility

This year I will be centering my articles around the process I take my clients through which includes discovering who you are (self awareness), learning what you want (direction), overcoming what holds you back (challenges and obstacles), helping you get started on your path (exploration and goals) and move forward toward your achieving of your goals (momentum and commitment). The journey I describe here is a representation of how we often move through this process. As you read each step along this journey, what thoughts come up for you?

Inspiration – The Key to Succeeding

Success begins with a deep desire to do something great. This is your inspiration. Find out the keys to inspiration by reading this article.

5 Keys to Finding Your Divine Purpose

Finding your divine purpose is not as difficult as you might imagine. If this is actually true, then why do so few people actually achieve this, and go through the motions of life without purpose or reason, feeling lost, unfulfilled and disconnected?

10 Life Hacks That Are Easy To Understand But Hard To Do

10 life hacks or creative solutions which will help you develop a solid base for life long success. Here is the catch. They are easy to understand but hard to implement.

3 Let’s-Get-Started Changes

Making a personal change takes time and endurance. We’ve all started something like a diet or handling difficult people differently and then quickly went back to our old ways of dealing with the problems. This article describes a plan for incremental changes. Start with one small change, succeed at that and then move on to another small step.

My Complicated Life

Life is full of ups and downs, difficulties and achievements. I am sure at some point in your life you have experienced these. It will happen to you, whether you are twelve or even ninety.

Consciously Allow Yourself to Grow

There are times when others tell us something about ourselves or about life in general or maybe about their own personal experiences that could prove invaluable to us in our self-development journey. But often we tend to ignore the message because our egos raise it’s ugly head and we take offense at what is being said or we look at it as well that person lived a traumatic life so his/her message has nothing to do with me. We may be right.

Getting a Fix on Your Importance: Stroke It, Don’t Club It

There’s a right and wrong way to address how important we are. The wrong way is to feel guilty and keep beating ourselves up for being weak, stupid, ugly, or whatever we imagine our shortcomings to be. That’s no way to make ourselves feel better. Here’s how to get a realistic take on our own self-importance.

Self Help Products: How To Find The Ones That Work

There’s no question that in 2011, self help products are needed now, more than ever. The stresses of modern life are taking their toll on everyone, particularly with the global economic crisis, the very high cost of living, unemployment and the uncertainty into the future.

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