Morning Meditation (10 Minute Guided Meditation)

Is Your Horizon Horizontal or Vertical?

How you see the future, or your horizons, can either limit or make limitless your future. Learn about a different way to see your horizons. Vertically or horizontally?

How Important Is Integrity?

Integrity is key to trust and relationships. What happens when you don’t have it and what do you do to get it and keep it?

Don’t Gum Up the Works

How cluttered is your life? Is it so cluttered that it’s keeping you from success? Do you have too many goals? Too many to-dos? Too much stuff? Learn how this can impact your ability to achieve.

What Is The Most Effective Mantra, Hymn, Incantation To Help You Achieve Success?

Dr. Howard Steingeril gathered mantras, hymns and invocations from around the world and found the Vedic ‘ Gayatri Mantra’ to produce the highest amount of sound waves per second. This mantra is regarded as a combination of all Vedic mantras with equally powerful effects on the human mind and body. Mantras are sounds which are repeated to restore calm and clarity to a cluttered and noisy mind, bringing one to an altered state of awareness. The Gayatri Mantra has a profound effect on empowering us overcome our limiting thoughts, emotions and actions, helping us tremendously in the path to success.

How To Deliver A Speech That Engages With Your Audience

Delivering A Speech Most of us have watched some form of talent show (e.g. X-Factor & Pop Idol) on television.

Resilience – What Is It? And Why?

There is a lot of talk these days about resilience but there is not always common understanding; not everyone really knows what is meant by the term. Additionally, people generally feel that it is a good thing to be resilient but have never really taken the time to think why that should be the case – what are the benefits of resilience. We’ll start by looking at what it is and then understand why it is important.

How Do You Listen To People?

Do we let preconceived notions color how we view people? Probably. Explore how we listen to others can change how we view them and whether or not we are being good listeners.

The Top Ten Things Stopping Your Success

Everyone has something that has held them back at one time or another. Learn about the top 10 things that hold most people back.

Getting Ready For Opportunity In Your Life

Not everyone is ready to embrace the opportunities that come their way. Are you? Learn how you can make changes in yourself in order to be ready for the possibilities that come your way.

Just What IS An Opportunity?

Learn what opportunities really and how to recognize them. Not all opportunities are the same and not everyone can see them. Find out how you can see more of them.

Where Are All The Opportunities?

Do you have trouble finding opportunities in your life? Why? They are actually all around you! However you have to have an open mind and an open heart to see them. Learn why.

What Is Your Frame of Reference?

Your frame of reference colors everything you see, hear, say and do. Learn how this works and how it can work in your favor or against you if you are not careful.

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