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Is Your Pursuit of “Money” What You Really Want?

Is your pursuit of “SUCCESS” giving you a skewed perspective on what is really important and is it creating imbalance in some areas of your life? Society’s definition of success, fame, fortune and bucket loads of money can be completely misaligned with what is really important to you. This misalignment will cause you to experience stress and although you may start to acquire the trappings of what society believes are the measure of success, you will still feel out of alignment and there will be no harmony in your life. The fancy car, beautiful home and designer clothes all mean nothing if you are obtaining these at the expense of another area of your life.

Are We In Or Are We Out?

This is a very direct and straight-forward question that we must all ask ourselves. Really. I hear a lot of people complain pretty much about everything and anything. The day’s too hot…it’s too cold. The water’s not cold enough…the water doesn’t taste good. Hey, you got water and you woke up today! Enough already.

The Use of Reason

He was nine years old when he became aware of and got the use of reason. In those days you reached the age of reason when you were seven. But not him, he was a couple of years behind everyone else.

Baby Steps in Adult Lives

Have you ever noticed how often adults use the term “baby steps” to describe the progress they are not making in their own lives? Whether it’s related to diet, exercise, work habits, or personal growth, as long as slight changes (aka “baby steps”) are made, they are convinced they are actually taking action. This is truly unfair to babies.

Hypocrisy VS Example: Exploring the Differences

You might think people don’t change. I think the only people who believe that are the ones who haven’t yet. Today, let’s get real about hypocrisy.

How Do We Grow?

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of our lives, having a quiet time somehow recharges our senses to tackle another stressful week huh. Now who said being a grown-up is fun again? Haha! Take your time, little ones. The world can take care of itself. I’m talking as if I am that old. Haha! But how do we grow anyways? Let me count the ways.

Self Insight and Development Is Imperative to Achieving Excellence in Job Performance

An objective assessment of ones’ skills should be considered an absolute necessity if consistency in employment is going to be maintained over the long term. Since technological changes in the workforce are expected to continue at an accelerated pace, the methods of producing products and providing services will require adaptation to meet changing employment standards. Obtaining self insight by using a sophisticated assessment and development tool is imperative. See how to begin the process. Those who ignore these recommendations will possibly suffer the consequences of lower pay, infrequent advancement, low job satisfaction and inconsistent employment.

Generation “Y” Is Getting A Bum Rap!

Generation “Y” are now people in their late teens to early thirties. They are the young, vibrant people you see on the street; they are the fashion models you see on the runways and the scholars you see strolling about the campuses of the best Universities: They are the people who will soon control most of the world’s finances and create most of the world’s future inventions and innovations. In short, the next wave of professors, power-brokers and storekeepers will all be Generation “Y”… They will soon rule the world!

The Benefits Of Being Honest

It really is beneficial to be honest. Maybe crime doesn’t pay, but honesty definitely does. Now find out how and why…

Being True Friends With Your Ego

Have you ever seen someone walking an untrained dog and asked yourself, “Who’s walking who, the master or the dog?” It doesn’t look like a good time for either, as they both tug and struggle to be the one in control. In the case of your Higher Self and your ego, who is taking the lead with running your life?

(7) Health Benefits of Expressing Gratitude

Today our lives are fast paced, and we all experience some stress at times. Over the years, I have found that patients who are grateful deal more effectively with the stressors associated with living with chronic pain, which is pain that has lasted more than three months. Gratitude is the act of being appreciative of what we have rather than feeling bad about those things we don’t have.

Help for Shy Women

This article describes a remarkable treatment where a man – who is afraid of women – solves his anxiety (shyness) by occupying himself in curing the shyness of a woman. After that the man has cured the shyness of a woman, he will receive extra learning and work assignments.

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