Morning Affirmations for Positive Energy

Life Balance Success: How To Keep “Me Time” From Backfiring!

Most women in business have come to understand the far-reaching benefits of taking time to refill their cup. Often dubbed “me time,” this time spent away from work or daily routines offers us an opportunity to switch from go-mode, to let-go-mode so we can rejuvenate. But did you know “me time” can backfire?

Practical Way To Recognize Your Passion In Life

Some people take a lifetime in realizing what they really want to do and where they want to take their journey. It will be best if you will know the essentials in finding your passion while you are still young. This way, you will have lots of time to fulfill whatever you want to achieve and enjoy its effects and benefits as well.

Attachment, Non-Attachment And Dissociation: Finding The Middle Way To Enjoying Your Life Fully

Non-attachment is a major part of any path of inner growth. All the great spiritual traditions teach it in one form or another. As Buddha said (many times in one way or another) “All suffering comes from attachment”.

Attitude and Its Impact

An attitude is an individual’s degree of like or dislike for something he vouches for. Attitudes are generally optimistic or pessimistic views of a person, place, or event. People can possess both positive and negative attitudes in their dealings. The tendencies associated with attitude is fundamentally home governed. The attitude of parents and other family members matters a lot. However, there are certain exceptions wherein the person gets heavily influenced by the society he moves.

Reintroducing Energy Healing

The bio energy healing has become an alien to most of the modern world, though trying to find its footsteps again and rediscover its roots, it finds more alienation amongst us when its referred to as spiritual healing due to being subjected to innumerable forms of crockery, hijacked by modern masters of the want to be and the impostor opportunists making sure an advantage never escapes them…

How to Ace Your Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal interview is, in many ways, far more important for an employee than it is for a manager. It is essential that you prepare for your performance appraisals carefully and handle them skilfully.

Resentment and Regret

When we get upset about how someone acts or how they treat us, we tend to be resentful toward them. We believe, in our minds, they should act one way; however, they continue to act another. It may be their actions are not wrong. It may just be we want them to be different so we resent them because they aren’t doing what we feel they should be doing.

Living Consciously – Making Life Decisions Based On Inner Wisdom

To live consciously is to re-create our life the way we want it to be. Good health and vitality are our natural birthright. No matter what our age or our current health situation is, it is never too late to make positive changes that will help us heal ourselves, so that we may live life to the fullest. To live consciously means to take charge of our own life, including our health decisions. Yes, doctors have an important role in our health care system, especially in dealing with trauma such as physical injuries. But we need to better educate ourselves as to how our bodies function, and how we can work with the natural processes of our body to support health and vitality. Making life decisions based on inner wisdom, rather than outside influences, represents a fundamental change for many people.

The Four Legs of Meaning and Happiness – How To Balance Your Life

How is your table supported? In other words, is your life balanced and supported? Here are four legs to balance your life.

Letting Go Of Control Issues

Feeling the need to be in control is a strong habit. It helps us to feel safe, at peace, and content, but only on the surface, for under the desired effect of trying to control lies the real discontentment that is causing the action.

The Hidden Beauty

Today I did a bunch of yard work.Β It was long overdue…

Finding Your Own Best Answers

Understanding what one truly believes is a challenge for many who grew up learning to gauge the needs of others before ourselves. Learning about the difference between positions and interests puts perspective into the equation, and helps us find our own best answers.

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