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How Deep Is Your Deep-End?

Sometimes we go swimming to splash around, and others go to challenge the waves. Am I mindful of where I am at in life? Am I ready for the challenge of success?

Taking Responsibility In Our Lives

After I calmed down, I meditated on the lessons to be learned from this event. I reminded myself that I created this experience for my own enlightenment, as is true of all of life’s events. I quickly realized that all of these events were examples, on some level, of how I needed to take complete responsibility for my actions.

Self Improvement – A Story of Magic, Miracles & Love

What you are about to read is a little bit frightening! Sometimes people hearing this story from me in seminars and workshops walkout upon hearing this because they become disturbed by what they hear. The truth becomes too difficult to handle. These are smart and otherwise successful people walking out. I don’t blame them for leaving. This is the stuff from the un-manifest realm between miracles and nightmares. Unless you have a strong mind, this can be quite uncomfortable.

Communications Skills Are The Back-Bone of Your Success in Business

It doesn’t matter how good you are technically, if you can’t communicate well you won’t do very well in business. How is that for a brash statement? Do I really believe it – you bet I do. Communication is a skill every one of us needs on a consistent basis throughout every single day. It occurs in many forms – verbal, written, body language, oral – and we need to master all of them to understand and to be understood. Unfortunately, most of us had very little formal education in communication skills after our high school years. We have had to learn a lot of what we know on our own through trial and error. Unfortunately, in business there is less and less room for error.

Change With The Seasons – Tips for Good Health

Each season brings more than just a change in fashion. The new weather patterns and sunlight levels affect our health and emotional well being. Here are tips to stay healthy during autumn.

Getting Unstuck From Your Routine – Starting The Week Differently

Humans are creatures of habit. Just think of your first of the week activities. What do you do? Is it routine for you? Go through your normal weekly activities and see if they are putting you in a rut. If so, you might like to give yourself a little “punch” or “Whack in the side of the head” as Roger von Oech says. We get so use to doing things one way that when we change things up they sometimes give us a different perspective on our lives and the things around us. Could your routine use a little pizzazz?

Chilled To The Bone But Warm at Heart – Service Above Self

Its 9am on a chilly fall morning and I have just returned from working my Rotary club’s charity run event. I know what “chilled to the bone” is! As I grab my nice hot cup of coffee and settle in to warm myself up I am thinking that I am really cold but my heart is warm. It is such a good feeling to volunteer and to know that your efforts are going to a good cause. We earn over $20,000 at this event and it serves as a foundation for our efforts to support an orphanage, literacy projects and a host of other things. No wonder I feel I have warmth in the my heart!

Getting Unstuck By Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Have you ever been told, “You are your own worst enemy?” Most of us have. In most cases it is absolutely true. We have a tendency to get in our own way with the beliefs and perceptions we have of the world. When they are set and we are rigid about them then we do not have the capacity to be flexible and that keeps us from learning and expanding our view of the world.

Finding the Balance Within – The Art of Daily Practice

The pace of our lives is ever-increasing and balancing our responsibilities and commitments has become a fine art of its own. With the mounting pressures, often the first areas we tend to give up are ones associated with our own enjoyment, daily pleasures and health and well-being. From my personal experience, these are the areas of our lives we need to protect and cherish. Finding the balance within is taking time to reflect on ways you can bring daily practices into your life that will support your health and well-being.

Getting Unstuck By Being At Choice

We live in a very demanding world. All of our lives we have heard “You ‘should, ought must’ do this, that and the other thing.” And, for the most part we have complied. The problem with that is that we lose ourselves in the process of complying with what other people think we should do. We forget what it is like to do what we want to do and we forget that we are always at choice. We have the right and the choice to do what we want to do the way we want to do it. But, as I said, most of us forget that and we get ruled by the “shoulds, oughts and musts” of our lives.

5 Strong Tips For Lasting Change

If you were to get 10 of your friends together and ask them how they feel about change, you would probably hear 10 different versions on how difficult change can be. Some people go to great lengths to avoid having to change. They’d rather keep things status quo than take a risk, and feel discomfort, as they embark on doing things differently.

Get Ready For International Frugal Day

Are you looking for ways to cut back and live a more intentional life? October 2 is International Frugal Day. It would be a good day to try out some of the things you have been reading about regarding living a more frugal and simple life. Frugality does not just apply to how much you spend. You can be intentional there to be sure but there are other parts of your life where you can employ frugality also. Let’s look at the word “frugal”. Besides the thrifty, economical side of its meaning is also means prudent, sparing, careful – all things that add up to being intentional about how you are living your life.

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